Where Is Black Santa 2016? Mall Of America In Minnesota Is Latest Location To Add Saint Nicholas Diversity For Christmas

The annual holiday ritual of waiting in long lines so your children can appeal to Santa Claus for gifts is officially upon us. But as America’s population becomes increasingly diverse, a growing number of cities and establishments around the country have begun accommodating the demand from families of color who want their children to see a Santa Claus they can ethnically identify with.



The Mall of America in Minnesota in suburban Minneapolis has become one of those places, as it introduced its first black Santa Claus to meet families during the Christmas season this week, the Star Tribune reported Thursday.

“This is a long time coming,” said Landon Luther, who is part owner of a company that oversees the photos taken of Santa and families at the Mall of America.

But black Santa Claus sightings are for the most part scarce. The flagship Macy’s department store in New York City has long featured a black Santa, but it’s not openly advertised and families are only able to see and take pictures with black Santa there by special request, CNN reported.

The world famous Apollo Theater in Harlem has traditionally featured a black Santa, and there is one location on Long Island, but those appear to be the only official events offering people a chance to see and take pictures with a black Santa Claus in the metro New York City area.

Conversely, there are also at least three different locations in Indianapolis where visitors can see and take pictures with a black Santa.

Multiple locations in Atlanta were featuring a black Santa this year, as well. Other places that have offered or are offering locations for where to see black Santa Claus include Florida and various sites in California,

There is one freelance black Santa who travels throughout Georgia for “numerous functions” that people can book through his website. But by and large, most of the people who dress up as Santa Claus professionally are not people of color, as the traditional image of Saint Nicholas has always been one of a white man.


Aside from the limited number of black Santas compared to their white counterparts, their dates of availability seem to be limited, as well, instead of being featured at a particular place all season long, as is the case with the Mall of America. For instance, families have been invited to bring their children to the 2nd annual Black Santa Photo Experience in Southfield, Michigan, a suburb of Detroit. But registration is required, and the black Santa will only be there for two day this month.

“We are so bombarded by Caucasian images of things that are considered good, that I want [my children] to have the experience, too,” Crystal Mozell, an African-American living in Los Angeles, told International Business Times last year.

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Santa Claus will be delivering puppies to people’s houses on Christmas

Looks like Santa Claus is taking a rather unusual form this year: That of the Coastal Humane Society.

The animal shelter has announced it’s plan to bring any of it’s numerous adoptable pets to the home of their new families on Christmas Day, hand-delivered by none other than Santa himself.


The Costal Human Society is looking to send its latest group of rescued animals, 35 puppies from Blairsville, Georgia, home for the holidays to loving families. So much so, that they’re promising to make the rescues a little extra special: The shelter will deliver the pet to the home of the adopter on Christmas Day, dressed as Santa or one of his elves.

According to the shelter’s Facebook page, the special promotion begins on Saturday, December 19 when the shelter opens at noon. Adopters can take home the pet then and there if they are approved for adoption, or sign up to have a special delivery made by the good folks from the North Pole on Christmas Day.

The shelter will also offer Christmas Eve pick-up if adopters would like to take home their pet earlier.

While they are thrilled to be offering the “Home for the Holidays Delivery Service” and hope many adopters will take advantage of it, officials from the shelter do warn that “giving a pet as a gift is not always in the best interest of the animal and stress that this special is only for pets that will live in the same household as the person who arranges for the delivery.”


But if your household is stable enough to welcome an animal in desperate need of a home, by all means go for it!

P.S. If you’re not a dog person, but still want to get in on the Christmas magic, worry not — Santa will also be delivering cat and other small animal to good little girls and boys.

Santa Claus visits Havre de Grace


Havre de Grace’s Christmas parade was rained out Friday, but city residents braved the cold Saturday evening to see the city’s downtown Christmas tree lit and, most importantly, for the children present, visit Santa Claus costume.

“Welcome to our beautiful city!” Mayor Wayne Dougherty told Santa and Mrs. Claus as they prepared to light the tree at St. John and Washington streets.123456

Once the brightly-colored lights came on, Santa and Mrs. Claus proceeded up Washington Street – which police officers had closed for foot traffic – to Santaland, where children sat on Santa’s lap and told him what they wanted for Christmas.

Santa was followed by a gaggle of excited children up Washington Street. The trees on each side were strung with lights, and downtown businesses were open for holiday visitors to the city.

Children and their parents lined up along Washington Street outside Santaland and waited to see Jolly Old St. Nicholas.

Members of Maryland Faerie Festival group of Darlington, who were dressed as mythical characters, entertained the children as they waited, by blowing bubbles and telling Christmas legends.

One member of the group was dressed as Krampus, a character who is found in Germanic and Austrian holiday mythology.

Krampus, also known as the “dark companion” of Santa Claus, or St. Nicholas, is a horned devil, who carries a switch in his hand and a basket on his back to deal with the children on Santa’s naughty list.

“That’s where Krampus comes in, because Santa doesn’t know what to do with the list of bad little girls and boys,” the costumed Krampus said.

He said the devil would punish children with his switch, or “if you’ve been really bad it’s into the back of the basket with you.”

The children would be carried away in the basket, and could be transformed into Krampus’ minions.

“Maintain the peace, do the right thing, Krampus doesn’t have any business with you,” he said.

Timothy Corbin, of Havre de Grace, dressed up as Waldo, from the “Where’s Waldo” book series. The reader must find Waldo, wearing thick black glasses and a red-and-white striped shirt and cap, in a large crowd of people in the pages.

Waldo, as portrayed by Corbin, could easily be found among the costumed characters entertaining children waiting for Santa Saturday.

Corbin has also appeared in his Waldo costume at city events such as First Fridays and the Graw Days Festival.

“In the books he can be anywhere he wants, so I thought, ‘Why can’t I?’ ” Corbin said.

Natasha and Jermaine Lowery ,of  Havre de Grace, brought their children Azareya, age 7, and Xavier, age 10, for their first visit with Santa.

“It’s a good outing,” Jermaine Lowery said. “Everybody gets to come out and appreciate Santa.”

He and his wife appreciated the Christmas decorations downtown.such as Sika Deer Mascot Adult Costume.

“They really have it festive down here,” Natasha Lowery said. “I really like it.”

Big News: Tony Hale Stars In ‘Doc McStuffins’ X-Mas Special


Christmas is coming to Disney’s Doc McStuffins in the form of a little elf named Tobias, voiced by the wonderful Tony Hale, star of Arrested Development and Veep.

Dottie Doc Mcstuffins Mascot Costume

In this exclusive clip, Tobias the elf has broken a Christmas present intended for a child, and he needs Dottie McStuffins’ help to fix it, so that he doesn’t loose Santa‘s trust. Hale‘s Arrested Development co-star Jeffrey Tambor voices Santa Claus.


Doc McStuffins is a critically acclaimed animated Disney show, created for pre-schoolers. It follows a young African-American girl named Dottie who wants to be a doctor, and practices on her stuffed animals. However, once she puts on her stethoscope, her stuffed animals magically come to life.


Check out the clip, and an brief interview with Tony Hale about how his daughter’s love for Doc McStuffins made him want to voice a character on the show.


This episode, titled A Very McStuffins Christmas, premieres Sunday, December 1 on the Disney Junior Channel. Have you had saw it? There are so many lovely Dottie Doc Mcstuffins Mascot Costume in the market,Why not get her to home with your Christmas party?

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