Film Reviews For Trolls : paying homage to styles of the past (1)

I went to watch Trolls with my friend, and we couldn’t help laughing when get the point all the time. In this movie there are so many classic art styles, it’s not mean the same as the past, but rather this is a disruptive innovation. Trolls usually makes you feel that You guessed the beginning, yet failed to guess the ending.

Follow is my summary of the most interesting and classic things in this film.

1. Cultural Background

(1)Troll —(in Scandinavian stories) a creature that looks like an ugly person. And In the 1960′s and 1970′s, Wooden troll dolls was once very popular among. Europe, America, and China.

Trolls (film) Princess Ponny Branch Creek DJ Suki mascot costume

Trolls (film) Princess Ponny Branch Creek DJ Suki mascot costume

If you look at the poster of the movie, new to the smart hairstyle. Then, after the film opening, the wooden TROLLS dolls dropped down from the tree, I guess the incredible explosion of memory will take you back to your childhood.

The Good Luck Trolls Mascot Costume Outfit

The Good Luck Trolls Mascot Costume Outfit

Yes, There are the bunch of wooden trolls and, yes, they always come to 60′s memories.

The wooden troll dolls in the movie, many see it as a pilgrimage and as a way to pay tribute to the earliest troll achievements. The earliest troll named “The Good Luck Trolls”. The Good Luck Trolls is a type of plastic doll with furry up-combed hair depicting a troll, also known as a Dam doll after their creator Danish woodcutter Thomas Dam. The toys are also known as alternatively gonk trolls in the United Kingdom.Troll dolls were originally created in 1959 by Danish fisherman and woodcutter Thomas Dam. Dam could not afford a Christmas gift for his young daughter Lila and carved the doll from his imagination. Other children in the Danish town saw the troll doll and wanted one. Dam’s company Dam Things began producing the dolls in plastic under the name Good Luck Trolls. The dolls became popular in several European countries during the early 1960s, shortly before they were introduced in the United States. They became one of the United States’ biggest toy fads from the autumn of 1963 to 1965. During the 1990s, several video games and a video show were created based on troll dolls. In 2003, the Good Luck Trolls has been rated the United States one of the most classic one hundred toys.

(2)”Trolls” is in essence a fairy tales for adult. Movie Trolls gives many classic fairy tales some brand–new setting.

Trolls 2016 Bridgetand Prince Gristle's love story

Trolls 2016 Bridgetand Prince Gristle’s love story

The secondary theme in this movie that Prince Gristle and Bridget’s love story is similar to Cinderella‘s story or Snow White‘s story. The Chef a mean-spirited Bergen role is similar to Cinderella’s stepmother, and princess poppy,Branch, Guy Diamond and her friends are similar to Fairy Godmother.

Prince Gristle dancing with Bridget at the party, they are falling in love with each other. Bridget flees and accidentally drops one of roller skates. which Prince Gristle picks up. But the DreamWorks invented with new details. What’s the develop of Gristle and Bridget? Let’s go and see.

Trolls Prince Gristle Bridget dancing

Trolls Prince Gristle Bridget dancing

In the movie, Bergens large creatures who never feel happy and unhappiness Prince Gristle  are the most frequently object of scorn. These persons buy happiness , eat  happiness or find  happiness in somewhere else.  But in the end, we will find that true happiness lies within you.

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