‘Pokémon GO’ Celebrates Pokémon Day With Pikachu

It may not be as big as some of the other holidays in Pokémon GO, but the app has a little celebration in store to commemorate Pokémon Day, marking the 21st anniversary of the franchise writ large. They’ve given Pikachus found out in the wild a little party hat, available until March 6. Any Pikachus caught during the event will keep their hats forever, but you won’t be able to find new ones once it’s over. A blog post from developer Niantic does not specify whether or not your Pikachu will keep the hat as it evolves to a Raichu:


We’ve teamed up with our friends at The Pokémon Company International for their annual celebration of all things Pokémon, and we have a special treat for you this Pokémon Day! From February 26 at 1:00 P.M. PST to March 6 at 1:00 P.M. PST, special Pikachu appearing all over the world will be celebrating Pokémon Day by wearing festive party hats. These special Pikachu will keep their party hats forever, but they can only be found during this limited-time celebration, so make sure to keep an eye out for them as you explore!

Pikachu, as the case would seem in the Pokémon GO mythos, is the only Pokémon capable of wearing hats — our little friend also donned a Santa cap for Christmas. Pokémon GO introduced some new customization options for trainers recently, but I’d love to see Niantic push this forward for other Pokémon as well. We know that they’re doing this sort of thing for special events, and I can’t help but think there isn’t some money in the prospect of putting some hats on more of the little creatures. Sunglasses on Squirtle alone could probably send the app back to top of the charts.


Pokémon GO recently got a big shot in the arm with the release of 80 new Pokémon from the second generation of games, as well a few new gameplay features to give longtime players new ways to interact with the extra content. It sent the game back up to the top of the app charts for a little while, though it’s moved back down a few spots since.

Here’s What Happens When You Evolve Santa Pikachu In ‘Pokémon GO’

While we all sit around and wait for Niantic to announce some sort of real holiday/Christmas event for Pokémon GO, all we can really do is take advantage of the one truly “festive” thing they’ve added to the game so far, Santa Hat Pikachu.


In Niantic’s December update, they added seven new Gen 2 baby Pokémon, but also sprinkled a bunch of Santa Hat-wearing Pikachus around the map to mark the season.

It isn’t just that existing Pikachus have been transformed, there really are a ton more of them out there, so if you haven’t caught a Pikachu to date, now is your chance, and also to stock up on Pikachu candy for upgrades and evolutions.

Interestingly, Niantic has embedded one more holiday badge of honor in this concept. Normally, when you evolve Pikachu, it just turns into Raichu:


But this time around, Niantic has made sure that if you decide to evolve your Santa Hat Pikachu, you won’t be disappointed. As you can see, your new Raichu will actually get to keep his hat, and Niantic has promised that both Pikachu and Raichu will still have their hats long after this event is over.

Pokémon Generations: Relive the Pokémon Games in Brand New Animated Shorts

The Pokémon franchise is 20 years old this year! Not only do we have Pokémon GO, new main-series games on the way in Sun and Moon, an update to the Pokémon anime to go along with them, and rereleases of the originals on 3DS, but now we’ve got one more way to celebrate with Pokémon Generations.

The new animated shorts from The Pokémon Company are separate from the existing Pokémon anime and focus on highlighting specific elements of the game series. The first episode, above, follows a Pikachu caught in Viridian Forest through a series of scenes that represent each generation of Pokémon games—without the trademark voice, which is a bit jarring—but Generations doesn’t stop there. They’ll be releasing a new episode every week to close out Pokémon‘s 20th year:

Pokémon Generations revisits each generation of the Pokémon video game series to shed new light on some timeless moments. From the earliest days in the Kanto region to the splendor of the Kalos region, go behind the scenes and witness Pokémon history with new eyes! These bite-sized adventures, about 3 to 5 minutes long, will be released every week through December 23, 2016.”


Episode 2 mashes together X/Y character Detective Looker and generation one Team Rocket boss Giovanni in a detective story, absent any antics from our usual Pokémon protagonists. As the weeks go on, it should be fun to see what other alternate types of Pokémon stories we get. I’m still waiting for the untold story of the NPC who follows you from gym to gym to cheer you on, AKA Red’s dad.

(via Polygon, featured image via The Pokémon Company)

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Pokemon Go will now let you walk the world with Pikachu

The new Buddy feature lets you take any of your favorite Pokemon out of their Pokeball and walk around in-game with your trainer avatar.

maxresdefault (1)

Do you want that Ash Ketchum lifestyle of always having Pikachu by your side? Pokemon Go is letting you have just that.

On Friday, game developer Niantic said a new Buddy feature will let players select their favorite Pokemon to walk alongside them within the game.

“Unique in-game rewards and experiences” will unlock once your creature is walking with you, Niantic said, including earning Candy for going on the journey together (as opposed to trading Pokemon away forever to get Candy).


Players will also be able to change their Buddy Pokemon at any time, so you can give both your Snorlax and Psyduck a walk whenever you want.

This official announcement comes two days after players reportedly mined the game’s code, uncovering details about the feature. It is also the latest feature to be added since the “Appraise” option was added in August, allowing a player’s team leader to offer advice about the creatures they have caught.


Have you had enough Pokémon Go this summer? You may be finished with this year’s mobile gaming fad, but it’s not finished with you! Pokémon can be small and even adorable, but a pocket monster is still a monster, and you can only keep it chained for so long. Today is the day that Pikachu fights back, in a new parody video.

Via Laughing Squid, filmmaker Joe Murayama has created and starred in a new short on YouTube called Pokémon Invasion, which features everyone’s favorite electro-rat breaking free from the confines of Murayama’s phone in search of a little payback. Fortunately for Murayama, this Pikachu doesn’t have the greatest aim. But he does have at least one friend, as Charizard also makes a brief appearance to rise up against their would-be Pokémaster.

Clearly our hero here hasn’t done enough to win the loyalty of his Pokémon, and that’s coming back to bite him. However, Murayama’s character has obviously seen Pixels, and he was prepared for the inevitable day that gaming characters became real. I mean, who doesn’t have semiautomatic weapons modified to affect only video game creatures hidden around their home? That’s just smart strategy.

maxresdefault (1)

Unfortunately for Murayama, Pikachu has more than one way to win this battle, and he’s gonna have to deal with a much smaller living space inside of a Pokéball. It’s a fun short, and Murayama credits his roommate “Dennis” for filming the scenes that he appeared in. Murayama has two other video game inspired shorts on his YouTube page, and both are worth checking out.

What did you think about Pokémon Invasion? We choose you to leave a comment below!


‘Pokémon GO’ Tricks & Tips: How To Find, Catch Pikachu And Raichu

As the “Pokémon GO” phenomenon continue sweeping the globe, many still do not have a Pikachu in their Pokédex. Now, this guide will explain how to catch Pikachu as a starter Pokémon in the augmented reality game.


Pikachu can immediately be found toward at the start of the game. Upon creating an account, the Professor will request trainers to catch their first Pokémon: Charmander, Bulbasaur, and Squirtle.

To have a Pikachu starter, you simply need to ignore these three starting Pokémon at least four-five times, according to IGN. Continue doing so until the Electric-type Pikachu will show up on your mobile screen, ready for you to catch.

If you missed your chance to get a Pikachu starter, there are a couple of different approaches to track it down. Usually, Pikachu is spawned in areas that are generally considered as industrial, VG 24/7 reported. It is said that players can search for these electric-types of creatures in power plants, factories, and schools, among others.

The use of incense and lures can also boost the odds of catching Pikachu. Nonetheless, it is worth noting that Pokémon trainers should have a couple of Poke Balls prepared since it may take a couple of attempts to successfully catch the electric-type creature.

Pokémon trainers can also breed a Pikachu using an egg instead of catching one in the wild. According to the Pokemon Database, it takes around 11 egg cycles or around 2800 steps to incubate the electric mouse Pokemon. It is said that Pikachu’s red circles on its cheeks are pockets that store electricity.

Although Pikachu does not actually have a set level for evolving into its final form. The electric mouse Pokémon usually evolves into Raichu when exposed to a Thunder Stone.

Raichu, which is usually found in woodlands and forests, is weak to Ground and resistant to Electric, Flying, and Steel. Raichu’s abilities include Static and Surge Surfer.

maxresdefault (1)

In battle, when a Pokémon with Static ability is hit by a move that makes contact, there is a 30 percent risk that the attacking Pokémon will get to be deadened, while the Surge Surfer ability apparently doubles the speed of Raichu when the front line is under the impacts of Electric Terrain.

What’s more, Raichu also has a hidden ability – Lighting Rod. The said ability contains all single -target Electric-type moves to focus on a Pokemon with 100 percent accuracy. It is most helpful in double/triple battles.

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Pokemon Go Glitch Lets You Hold on to Gyms Indefinitely


All you need is an egg, and you’ll be able to hold on to Pokemon Go gyms until Niantic releases a fix.

Pokemon Go has seen its fair share of exploits and things that weren’t supposed to happen, and now there seems to be a new glitch that could help players hold on to gyms until Niantic releases a patch to fix it.

Players compete over gyms by tapping on their opponent’s Pokemon. Once a gym is cleared out, players can put one of their own creatures into it, making the gym their own. However, when a player puts an egg in the gym, they can hold on to the gym without worry: enemy players can’t attempt a gym takeover against an egg. You can see for yourself in the video below (via Eurogamer).

Eggs are normally used for hatching new Pokemon by walking certain distances. Because they have no stats, they can’t participate in battles, meaning players can sit on a gym indefinitely. This also means these players can take advantage of the Pokecoin system, which grants owners in-game currency every day they’re in control of the gym.

Niantic is likely to fix this glitch, as this exploit has the potential to render a core part of the game broken. We’ve contacted Niantic for comment and will update this article as we receive more information.


“Pokemon Go” Guide :Where To Find Pikachu, Gyarados, Snorlax and More

Pokemon GO” players are looking everywhere to find their favorite Pokemon. Here is a “Pokemon GO” guide that will help players find rare Pokemon like Pikachu, Gyarados, Snorlax and more.


Pokemon GO” is all about gathering items like PokeBalls and catching Pokemon. There are some maps that can help players find rare Pokemon in “Pokemon GO.” Players are using Gotta Catch ‘Em All, Pokecrew, Pokefind, etc to find the rare Pokemon. Some players have reported that these maps are helpful to find them. There is a list of places where chances of finding rare Pokemon are high.



Those who have caught or found Pikachu, they probably did so near parks or near railway tracks. The Verge contributor, Tom Warren, reported that he found Pikachu in Haven Green Park by the Ealing Broadway station, London. Warren also added a photo that shows three Pikachu in Haven Green Park. One of the readers commented that he caught Pikachu while he was travelling to his office by train.

However, it is not guaranteed that the players will definitely find Pikachu at or near these places. It could just increase your chances to find one.



Gyarados is one of the most rare Pokemon. There is no specific place to find Gyarados. However, players can obtain Gyarados by evolving Magikarp. It is not an easy task. The player will have to collect 400 Magikarp Candy. The good news is that Magikarp is everywhere. While hunting for Gyarados, players can increase the chances of evolving Magikarp Candy. So, don’t miss it.


Snorlax is among the most rare Pokemon as it does not have any specific habitat. It falls under the ‘Mythical’ category. The players who have caught Snorlax found it in random areas. The players need a bit of luck to find this Snorlax.


Magnemite can be found near power plants or industrial areas. It falls under the “Epic” category and is an Electric/Steel type Pokemon. Some players have also found Magnemite during thunderstorms. However, it is advised not to look for it in dangerous storms as it is not sure that the players will find Magnemite in those conditions.

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‘Pokémon GO’ Cheats & Hacks: Best Way to Catch Pikachu, Dragonite, Snorlax and More; GPS Spoofing Software To Cheat The Game

The cheats and hacks available for the phenomenal “Pokémon GO,” gamers can potentially catch about 151 pocket monsters that include trainers and beasts.

maxresdefault (1)

The cheats and hacks can also allow players intercept and hold the most powerful and the elusive rare Pokémon such as Dragonite, Lapras, Dragonite, Arcanine, Blastoise and more, according to Yibada.

The latest trick from the Poké Vision website made the lives of “Pokémon GO” players easier. The site’s trick is quite simple to use, gamers will just allow the service to access GPS function of a smartphone, then players of the reality mobile game can key in their address.

Pokémon GO” players will then have a jaw-dropping experience, as nearby Pokémon can be located. Gamers can see the character’s names pop up, as well as a countdown timer marking the character’s availability at a specified location. With that, Pokémon search will result efficiently and definitely more fun, based on the report of BGR.

However, “Pokémon GO” encourages individuals to walk through the real world in order to catch ‘em all, but some gamers are proudly and publicly cheating the augmented mobile game.


By using Twitch, a Pokémon player has proudly been broadcasting himself using GPS spoofing software to trick the game. While smoking on a vaporizer from the dark confines of his own home, the player has been tricking the game into thinking he is at a location of his choice.

The cheating method’s advantage means players can teleport anywhere in the world to catch rare Pokemon from locations around the world, NEWS AU reported.

Twitch, a live streaming video platform, made it known that it had not banned those players who cheated on the game during live streams, as Niantic (game developer) had not sent any notices, according to Daily Dot.

And players are calling for the cheats to be banned from the mobile game.

How to play Pokémon Go: From Pokéstops to Gyms, Lures and eggs

Pokémon Go is available now – here’s how to get started and what to expect


Pokémon Go is now officially out in more than 30 countries. Here’s how to get started on your real-world Pokémon journey.

The mobile game, which lets you catch Pokémon in augmented reality as you explore the world around you, has begun rolling out to Google Play and the App Store in certain countries.

In preparation for your own Pokémon journey, WIRED has tips on what to expect from the game and how to play.

First Steps
Despite shifting to phones from handheld games consoles, Pokémon Go feels very familiar if you’ve ever played a core series game before. You’ll meet the newest Pokémon Professor, Professor Willow, who’ll guide you on your way and explain the world of Pokémon.

First though, you’ll name and customise your character. You can choose male or female avatars, and choose their skin tone and some other basic aesthetic features. You’ll also pick out an outfit – there are essentially three complete costumes, but the parts can be mixed and matched to create a more individual look. You’ll level up as a Pokémon Trainer as you progress, which makes more Pokémon available for capture and allows you to take on gym battles.

Be warned: once you’ve customised your avatar, you cannot change your selections so choose wisely.

The actual gameplay tutorial is fairly brief. Willow gives you a Pokéball and sends you off to catch your first Pokémon – one of the original starter trio from the original Pokémon Red and Blue, Bulbasaur, Charmander, or Squirtle – and introduces you to the basic mechanics. This is also your first chance to check out the augmented reality feature of the game, which places your target Pokémon into your surroundings, using your phone’s camera. Flick a Pokéball in their direction and they’re yours, but future captures won’t be so easy.

How to get Pikachu as a starter
The team at Polygon has discovered a way to bypass the original trio and select Pikachu as a starter in Pokémon Go instead.

Instead of selecting Bulbasaur, Charmander, or Squirtle, walk away from the trio to make them disappear. If you are able to repeat this four times, they return with Pikachu. However, as Polygon explained, this can be difficult. Polygon’s full instructions can be found here.

YouTube channel Game Informer has also released a video tutorial on how to achieve this.

Catch ‘em All
The method of catching Pokémon is probably the biggest difference between Pokémon Go and the core games. While you’ll still encounter them in the wild, you won’t actually battle them or whittle their health down. Instead, successful capture is determined by the Pokémon’s level, the type of Pokéball used, and even your throwing technique. If you’re playing with AR switched on, you’ll also want to centre the critter in the screen as best you can, and keep your phone steady for improved results. AR isn’t mandatory though – if you play without, you’ll simply have an entirely digital encounter.

The Pokémon you encounter will depend on where you are in the real world. Walk along a canal or river, and you’ll encounter more water-types; a park might yield more grass-types. Quite where you’ll meet some of the more exotic types, such as psychic, we haven’t quite figured out yet.

Evolving your Pokémon
Fans of the show will know that certain characters can be evolved either once or twice. Charmander, for example, can evolve into Charmeleon and then into Charizard and with each evolution, their moves and special moves evolve too.

To evolve your characters in Pokémon Go, you’ll need to collect Candies and Stardust. Every capture you make increases your Stardust, but you need to catch the same character multiple times to get character-specific Candies. For example, each time you catch Charmander you’ll get three Charmander candies and you need 50 to evolve into Charmeleon.

How to download Pokémon Go on Android and iOS

Pokemon 16 Jul 2016

You can’t use candies from one character to evolve another. You can also get more Candies by transferring individual Pokémon back to Professor Willow, but this only produces one candy per transfer.

Below each Pokémon on their respective information page is a Stardust gauge, the number of Candies you have as well as their special moves. In addition to using Stardust to evolve your Pokémon, it can also be used to boost a character’s combat points (CP).

Keep in mind that rarer Pokémon – particularly starters – will be much harder to evolve purely on the basis of scarcity.

Selecting Pokémon to transfer
Ultimately, a Pokémon’s CP gives it its strength, but you also need to consider its health points (HP) and the points next to their special moves. CP can be boosted using Stardust, but the move points are harder to change to it’s better to have more accurate or powerful moves and then a higher CP than transfer Pokémon based purely on lower CP. When you power up a Pokémon, this also increases the character’s HP.

The phenomenal impact of Pokémon Go in numbers
How to use a Pokéstop
Pokémon Go uses landmarks in your vicinity to create Pokéstops and Pokémon Gyms, and everything from national monuments to local curiosities can be a discovery in the game.

Walk along the street, and a nearby plaque or historical object can serve as a Pokéstop. These appear as cubes until you are close enough to use them. Once close enough, the cube becomes a circle and selecting it shows you landmark that is plotted by this Pokéstop.

This image becomes a spinning marker. Spin the marker until its blue colour becomes a light purple and it releases Pokéballs. As you move through the levels, you can also collect Potions, Revive tokens, Lure modules, Razz Berries and Great Balls among other gifts.

How to use and battle at Gyms
Gyms are different to Pokéstops. Although they’re placed in the real world like Pokéstops, they can’t be challenged until you reach Pokémon Trainer level five. At this point you will also be asked to pick a team – Team Mystic, Team Valor and Team Instinct – which are blue, red and yellow respectively. Gyms offer the only form of Pokémon battles in the game, pitting you against a rival’s team. There aren’t any moves to select either – victory is determined by your Pokémon’s Combat Power (CP), while fights themselves involve tapping to attack and swiping to dodge.

The majority of Gyms will have already been claimed by a team and you can determine which team currently occupies that Gym because they are colour-coded, either red, blue or yellow. If the Gym is white, it means it isn’t currently occupied or is between owners.

You don’t have to battle against rival teams, however. You can battle at friendly Gyms with people on the same team colour. This will help boost the ‘prestige’ of your team’s Gym. Battling at rival Gyms lowers its prestige until its weak enough to be taken over.

Once your team owns a Gym, you have the option to leave a Pokemon behind at your team’s gym to aid in its defence. This will remove it from your Pokédex and place it in the line-up at the Gym until it is defeated. The longer you are in the Gym, the better your endurance and you will be rewarded with PokéCoins to increase your strength.

China cloned Pokémon Go – before it was officially released

Using incense and Lures
Players can either buy incense or collect them from Pokéstops. The same applies for Lures. Incense can be placed around you to attract Pokémon to your vicinty and lasts 30 minutes. This will move as you move and only you can see it.

Lures can be placed around nearby Pokéstops, for example. Lures appear as glittering purple and blue markers and any player can see them.


Revive, Potions and Razz Berries
As you level up, catching Pokémon will be trickier. It may take a couple of attempts, especially if the Pokémon’s Combat Points (CP) are particularly high. You can increase your chances by feeding them Razz Berries.

After a battle in the gym, your Pokémons’ Health Points (HP) will drop. Click on damaged Pokémons and use either a Revive token or a Potion to boost their health.

Ads are coming to Pokémon Go in the form of sponsored locations

Ads are coming to Pokémon Go in the form of sponsored locations
Revive is a medicine that can revive fainted Pokémon. It also restores half of a fainted Pokémon’s maximum HP.

A Potion is a spray-type medicine for treating wounds. It restores the HP of one Pokémon by 20 points.

Eggs and catching rare Pokémon

Pokemon Go 4 days ago
Certain Pokéstops release eggs. These eggs contain a number of rare Pokémons but they need to be incubated. Every player gets an incubator that can be used infinite times. You can also collect or buy additional incubators.


When you collect an egg, they sit in a separate tab in the Pokémon menu. Under each egg is a distance – 2km, 5km or 10km. This is how long you need to walk for these eggs to hatch. However, the walking ‘timer’ only begins when the egg is in an incubator and kilometres only count if the app is open as you walk.

This can be a big drain on battery. To combat this problem, Niantic has included a battery saving mode in the settings menu – select it and the screen will black out when the phone is being held by a player’s side or in their pockets.

If you put your phone onto Vibrate or Loud mode, you can also hold the phone by your side (with the app open) and be notified when a Pokémon appears in your vicinity. This will spare you from constantly looking at your phone and put you less at risk of muggers, for example.

There are also companies who will do the legwork, literally, for you. Fantastic Services, for example, is currently offering a service in which someone will walk the 10km needed to hatch certain eggs for you. They will also collect eggs, Pokéballs and other goodies from Pokéstops along the way for a fee. This does mean handing your phone over to a stranger, though, which may not be preferable.

Learn more about hatching eggs with WIRED’s guide

Count the PokéPennies
Pokémon Go is free-to-play, but it does include microtransactions. Virtual Pokécoins are sold at the following rates:

100 – £0.79
550 – £3.99
1200 – £7.99
2500 – £14.99
5200 – £29.99
14,500 – £79.99

Coins are then spent on items, including extra Pokéballs that you’ll need to actually catch Pokémon you encounter, support items such as incense to attract rarer creatures, eggs that hatch into new Pokémon, and upgrades for both your item backpack and Pokémon storage. Although you get proportionally more coins the more real-world money you spend, just shy of £80 is a lot to ask for the highest tier package.

However, the game isn’t a complete cash-grab. Like most free-to-play titles, Pokémon Go can provide everything you need without parting with cash – it just requires a bit of patience. Every Pokéstop you reach provides free items when you activate it, and although the selection is entirely random, it’s the easiest and cheapest way to restock your supplies.

Power Through
Or: remember to bring a back up battery. Between GPS location tracking, an active screen, and generating augmented reality creatures to capture, Pokémon Go is a power-hog. While the beta was absolutely monstrous in this regard – we went through a full charge in roughly three hours – the final version is only somewhat improved, with gamers in New Zealand and the US still reporting significant battery drainage after only short periods of play. Niantic is aware of the issue, saying “we are working on a solution”.

In the meantime, the only real option for a lengthy play session is to carry a power bank for your device. Depending on the form factor, it could prove fiddly to hold both, but it’s currently the best way to avoid your phone dying while you try to catch a Rattata. Failing that, the nation’s coffee shops can soon expect Pokémon battles of a different sort as players start dropping in to recharge over a latte. Just don’t forget your charger.

Wear Sunscreen
Not just good life advice – Pokémon Go is is intrinsically an outdoor, active game, and that means you’ll be exposed to the elements while you hunt down the Pokémon in the world around you.

Obviously, many players will be playing Pokémon Go in small bursts inbetween their daily routines, but for anyone planning to dedicate a chunk of time to playing, they should factor in some basic preparations that don’t quite apply when you’re battling the Elite Four in Pokémon games on your 3DS. You’ll be walking a lot, and while that’s good for health reasons – you’ll rapidly hit 10 to 12k steps on the hunt – you’ll want comfortable shoes to do so. You’ll also want actual sunscreen on hot days (we got slightly burnt ourselves) and appropriate weather protection otherwise.

Also, be considerate of people around you, and pay attention to where you are. While the game is already a hit, not everyone will appreciate you stopping suddenly in the street to visit a Pokéstop or take on a Gym Battle. Like Ingress, Niantic’s other GPS-enabled explorathon game, part of Pokémon Go‘s charm is in discovering the hidden cultural artifacts around you. To really enjoy the game, stop for a minute and appreciate where it’s taken you, before ploughing ahead on filling your Pokédex.