How to Make A Mascot Costume Yourself?


It is natural for people to make their own mascot costume, because they want their mascot to be unique and stylish. In the following paragraph I will introduce how to make a mascot costume yourself. 


And also the most significant component of all this is usually to creating the costume as close to the character as doable. See, it is not so tough to obtain nice outfits. And if you don’t have much time to prepare one, some fabrics and patterns can find more affordable outfits online like eBay or Amazon. You would go as far as maxing out their credit cards and applying for instant cash advance and payday loans just to make sure that they can achieve their dream birthday party for their kids. They take advantage of the convenience and fast application that these loans can offer. Planning for your child birthday party does not always have to be very extravagant. You don need to spend a fortune just roll out a memorable and fun celebration. With a dose of resourcefulness and creativity, one can surely save up a lot of money. Here are some tips to help you get started.

Do not worry, if you think it is trouble to make your own mascot ourfit, opt for mascot costumes if you want to save time and money. These costumes come in many different varieties in the market. Popular choices cover bear, pirate and tiger costumes. Shopping online is a great way to get fabulous costumes at inexpensive prices. But bear in mind to choose reputable online retailers to make your purchase from. Visit and get more useful information.



Normal Tips for Mascot Costume Lovers

The word mascot is usually defined as any sort of animal, person, character or object which is perceived as bringing luck to an organization or otherwise defined group of people. The most notable contemporary examples are normally used by sports teams, academic institutions or commercial entities. The use of such things has come to define many global sporting events or commercial occasions.Normal Tips for Mascot Costume Lovers.


A mascot can usually be relied upon to add a certain something to most sporting events and it’s never a good option for 2012 prom dresses. The concept clearly relates to something deeply ingrained in human culture, with figures such as the Fool recalling the contemporary use of mascots. Dressing up in funny costumes and acting daft will always appeal to people.

Today, a large range of mascot is shown, covering dragon, lion costumes, dog costumes, cat costume, panda costumes, etc. Four parts compose a costume, including head, body, shoes and gloves. As all of your body will be covered into the costume, the size is rather important for your purchase. Most of time, you will be suggested by the supplier to customize a costume.

While deciding on a mascot, involve all the people associated. Ask them to submit their ideas. Choose the best few of them and choose the best of them through vote. This process would ensure that all the people associated with the team are behind the mascot. One which is imposed by the administration is not likely to find that kind of support with the team.

The best thing about shopping for cheap prom dresses online is the fact that you will also have an opportunity to take a lot of factors (especially the ones related to the type of gown you are interested in) into consideration.


‘My Little Pony: Cutie Mark Crusaders’ DVD


Princess Twilight Sparkle (Tara Strong) gets surprised by a throng of new fans in our exclusive clip from My Little Pony – Friendship Is Magic: Adventures Of The Cutie Mark Crusaders, which debuted on DVD today from Shout! Factory. In Equestria, obtaining a Cutie Mark is an important coming-of-age moment for a young Pony. After all, Ponies acquire their Cutie Marks only after they discover a unique characteristic about themselves, setting them apart from all other Ponies. So when Sweetie Belle, Scootaloo and Apple Bloom meet, they instantly become friends and make it their mission to find their Cutie Marks! They are The Cutie Mark Crusaders!

My Little Pony – Friendship Is Magic: Adventures Of The Cutie Mark Crusaders episodes include The Cutie Mark Chronicles, The Cutie Pox, Flight To The Finish, Pinkie Pride, and Twilight Time. For even more Pony fun, PlayDate Digital has announced the new Cutie Pox Storybook App. When Apple Bloom becomes impatient waiting for her cutie mark, she decides to take things into her own hooves!
In this interactive story book, follow Apple Bloom and the fillies as they learn that taking the easy path toward your goals isn’t always the best way. Enter the world of Equestria in this storybook adventure full of excitement, humor and friendship! The release of “Cutie Mark Crusaders” marks the first of a series of planned collaborations between PlayDate Digital and Shout! Factory to cross-promote My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic is Magic stories and media. In this collaboration, products contain promotional material highlighting a variety of products. In addition, Shout Factory and PlayDate will host contests and offer value-added bonus material. Take a look at our exclusive clip from My Little Pony – Friendship Is Magic: Adventures Of The Cutie Mark Crusaders before picking this up on DVD.


Rainbow Dash Mascot Costume Pegasus Pony Adult Costume

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Sneak peek: ‘Frozen’ returns in ‘Frozen Fever’


Even in the middle of winter, the world is yearning for a new Frozen. And it’s here.

The filmmakers who brought us the animated hit musical Frozen in November 2013 have created a seven-minute short centered around Princess Anna (voiced by Kristen Bell), Princess Elsa (Idina Menzel), Kristoff (Jonathan Groff) and the snowman Olaf (Josh Gad).

Frozen Fever will show in theaters before Disney’s live-action Cinderella, out March 13.

“The gang is back together. And literally it’s like we never went away,” says Gad. “Every day we’re reminded of Frozen in our lives. So it feels like a continuation of a saga that has many parts still untold. It felt like coming home again after a short absence.”

The first revisiting of the now-beloved characters features some surprising changes, including older sister Elsa’s attitude. Elsa, weighed down by her royal duties in Frozen, has lightened up so much that she’s throwing Anna a birthday bash.

“It’s another side of Elsa the audience hasn’t seen before and we hadn’t really played with in the original feature,” says Chris Buck, who reunited with Jennifer Lee to direct the short.


The birthday plans go awry when the powerfully magic Elsa comes down with a cold on the big day.

“Elsa doesn’t get a cold in the usual way,” says Lee. “She’s special. Surprising things occur that wreak a little havoc.”

The short features a new song from the husband-and-wife team of Robert Lopez and Kristen Anderson-Lopez, who won an Oscar for Let it Go. Parents, be warned: The new song is catchy.

“If history is any indicator, kids will go nuts,” says Gad.

Life for the two princesses has changed in other ways. Olaf and Kristoff (along with Sven, the non-verbal reindeer) add to a highly unorthodox family. Their goofy portrait, inspired by the website, hangs in the castle.

“There’s a slight dorkiness to the painting,” says Lee. “But it’s the best thing they could all wish for, just that ordinary family feeling.”

The Frozen landscape is also changed, as the kingdom embraces warm weather and Anna’s summer solstice birthday. The directors promise other surprises as well. But the sister’s rock-solid support for each other doesn’t change from Frozen, which took in more than $400 million at the box office.

“We continue this story of these two sisters, who only had each other growing up together,” says Gad. “They are still supporting each other. That’s what this is about.”


The history of the Ducks’ mascot

EUGENE, Ore. — When the University of Oregon’s football team takes the field, the Duck mascot is right there with them.

Sometimes he rides out of the tunnel on a motorcycle.

When the team makes incredible plays, he’s fallen down in disbelief.

The Duck is a favorite of the students.


“Oh I love Puddles,” said Colleen Daly, a UO student from Vancouver, Wash.

“He’s a school icon and everyone knows him. You see him at games, he’s great!” she said.

Puddles is the name students gave their first mascots back in the early 1940s. Back then, they were real ducks.

By the late 1940s the school had switched to a costumed duck, which resembled Donald Duck, with the blessing of Walt Disney.

The oldest known Duck costume now stands on display at UO’s athletic offices. It’s a bit tattered compared to the modern version.

Today’s students love their Duck mascot.

“He’s the best mascot,” said student Bridget O’Donnel-Davidson with a shocked look on her face. “Are you serious right now? I mean come on, he’s the best college mascot! He’s the Oregon Duck!”

Which is not to say the students wearing the costume were always friendly. Several years ago, the Duck got into such a tussle with the cougar from Houston that the Duck missed the next game as punishment.

And then there was the time a fan attacked the Duck at a basketball game in Vegas, only to be caught by the burly members of the cheer squad and then punched by the infuriated Duck.

But now, he or she, the school won’t say who, is using the uniform is only fun-loving.

Marching band member Conner Richardson said the Duck even takes band instruments.

“He’ll occasionally take my flute and pretend to play it and act like he’s playing an instrument and pretend he’s a part of the band and so yeah, he’s a great character,” Richardson said.

We wanted to talk with the student or students who wear the mascot costume but the head cheer coach said the Duck was flying back from New York and not available.

When asked about other students who wear the Duck costume, the coach refused to offer any information and would only say the identity of the Duck has always been and will always be a mystery.

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How Mascot Costume Conquers You

One look at your school mascot should be enough to evoke that same pride and passion, not just in the players but the whole school too. A wisely chosen mascot could be a great motivational influence. It could turn a situation around at a game or in the face of other adversaries. A mascot could also be influential when you want to raise funds for the school team or any other event or purpose. Every student looks at their school mascot as a symbol of courage, unity, trust and loyalty. It is never too hard for anyone to support a symbol like that.such as Minnie Mouse mascot costume,Mickey Mouse mascot costume.


In fact it is fun to pick a mascot for your school, with all the choice available. You can check out your neighborhood marketplace for a mascot and mascot costumes. For even more choice to select from, you can browse the Internet. There are many stores that specialize in team costumes, mascots and other sports related products. You can also go for stores that can custom make a mascot costume, in case you cannot find the one that you have in mind. Some mascot makers can come up with unique ideas, for instance combine a head of one mascot and a body of another mascot costumes to give you a whole new and interesting result.

Check out Costume Discounters for colorful adult animal costumes. Adult costume is dainty and will ensure you don’t sit quiet like a mouse. The mouse costume from comes with a short red corset-style dress and has white polka dots. This Halloween costume includes a lacy petticoat, hood, mouse ears, and choker. Do you want to have a try?

Finding the perfect mascot costume can seem like a daunting task, but with these top tips your bound to find your ideal furry friend in no time at all!

Is a cartoon robot the only one doing the nursing profession justice on screen?

The hospitals or doctors offices we see on TV or in the movies rarely depict what those settings are actually like, and more than that, they usually don’t accurately display what it’s like to be a doctor or nurse.


Kelli Dunham, a nurse, stand-up comic and LGBT health advocate, has found that the entertainment business does a terrible job of showing what it’s really like to work as a nurse, and she wrote about it for NPR.

Whether it be the sexy nurse stereotypes (Halloween costumes don’t help on that front), romantic drama between nurses and doctors, or simply dumbing down how much work nurses are really doing in alongside doctors, it’s just not realistic. Shows like HBO’s Getting On and Fox’s The Mindy Project and House all do a poor job of capturing the reality of the profession, according to Dunham.

But unexpectedly, she has found some relief with the character Baymax in Disney’s Big Hero Six.

“You know your profession has an image problem when you point to a balloonish animated robot doll and say, ‘Yes, that’s good. That accurately reflects what I do on a daily basis. More representations like that, please.’”

Baymax might not look like any nurses you know, but unlike most nurse characters in the media he actually provides nursing care. He assesses the health condition of his charge, the boy-genius Hiro, makes recommendations related to his health and teaches him about his neurochemical processes.
Once Hiro reprograms Baymax with fighting capabilities, Baymax becomes Hiro’s terrifying defender. If you’ve ever heard a nurse on the phone with an insurance company insisting that a patient get needed care paid for, you know this is not a misplaced metaphor.
Dunham isn’t the only one calling attention to the fictional discrepancies in her field.

For 13 years the non-profit advocacy organization Truth About Nursing has been researching and documenting nurse representations in popular culture and has come to the conclusion that “the vast gap between what skilled nurses really do and what the public thinks they do is a fundamental factor underlying most of the more immediate apparent causes of the [nursing] shortage [including], understaffing, poor work conditions, [and] inadequate resources for nursing research and education.”
When nurses are actually doing an incredible job taking care of patients, saving lives in some cases, that’s what should be highlighted by the characters on screen, Dunham explains. And that’s why she’s pleased to see the creation of Baymax.

Baymax’s programming won’t allow him to disengage until the patient has answered, ‘Are you satisfied with your care?’ in the affirmative,” she concluded.

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Big Hero 6

It was either this or the latest Hobbit flick (will they ever end?).

Given that I have not had a clue about what’s going on after ten minutes of any instalment of the Tolkien marathon, it was a no-brainer.

Knowing that this animation was based on a Marvel comic meant that I didn’t exactly approach the cinema with a spring in my step, but sometimes you should leave your preconceptions at home.

Circumstances count for a lot, so after the horror of Martin Place, Peshawar and Cairns, this dose of Disney sweetness and light turned out to be a lovely way to end the year.

Set in the brilliantly conceived San Fransokyo, Tadashi and Hiro are nerdy brothers who are into robotics. After Hiro loses his older sibling – death and grieving are not what you normally expect from Disney, but it’s handled with great sensitivity – Hiro is taken under the wing of the loveable robot Baymax, a healer rather than a warrior, who looks like a puffy white version of the Michelin tyre-man.

When the nasties come, as they always do, Hiro and his teenaged gang of Fred, Go Go, Wasabi and Honey Lemon – an admirable mix of race and gender – combine their high-tech skills to save the day.

Cartoons are sometimes burdened by the voicings of famous actors. You can become detached through your identification of them, but in this case the lines are spoken by a cast of no-names, resulting in freshness and intimacy.

As for the moving images, it really is extraordinary how the animation studios can imbue their creations with such life, even a big white blob like Baymax, who manages to talk but has no mouth – and the tortoiseshell cat is great, too.

With an upbeat soundtrack, dialogue that is smart but not smart-arsed and a hopeful morality, this is one you should not let the kids have on their own.

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