‘Despicable Me 3′ release date, spoilers: Gru and his twin brother fight former child star Balthazar along with minions

Despicable Me 3,” the third instalment of the “Despicable Me” series, will bring Gru (Steve Carell) and his daughters back to the big screen along with his minions. The movie is expected to get released a year from now, on June 30, 2017, but we have some amazing updates on what fans can expect from the animation.

Mower Minions

It is understood that the main theme of the movie will be the sibling rivalry between Gru and his long-lost identical twin Drew, also voiced by Carell. Drew is distinguished from our hero with his full blond hair and his all-white dressing style.

Despite their differences, Gru and Drew will find a way to get along and join together in the fight against the actual villain, Balthazar Bratt, voiced by Trey Parker of “South Park” fame.

Balthazar is a child star from the ’80s, who decided to take over the world once his career was finished. According to Cinema Blend, Balthazar is still bitter that his show was cancelled when he hit puberty and he hates being mocked. He is driven by the need of taking over the world, because he knows no one will ever make fun of him if he is the boss.

See the photo of Balthazar shared by “Despicable Me” here:


“Despicable Me” and “Minions” for Easter family fun

Easter is coming up soon. If you’re a parent who puts presents along with eggs and candy in Easter baskets, you can’t go wrong including the Blu-rays and DVDs with those lovable Yellow Minions and the three little girls that stole our hearts from the “Despicable Me” movies.


When the 2010 movie “Despicable Me” came out, there was a conversation online about who was the cutest little animated girl. It came down to Boo from “Monsters, Inc.” and Agnes from “Despicable Me.” Let’s face it, they are both adorable.

Despicable Me” struck a chord with viewers young and old and introduced the world to the little fun-loving and good-hearted Minions. As soon as the studio realized how much audiences loved their characters, they were quickly working on “Despicable Me 2” which was released in 2013. That was another success, and “Despicable Me 3” is tentatively scheduled for release in 2017.

However, before another film with Gru and his three adorable adopted daughters, the studio decided to make a film dedicated to the Minions who became overnight sensations with viewers. “Minions” came out last year and was another ratings success. It seems viewers cannot get enough of the yellow guys.


The discs all come with bonus features including mini-movies which are cute short antics with the characters. There are also cookie recipes and more fun with the cast and characters.

If your kids love Agnes, Edith and Margo along with Kevin, Stuart and Bob, you can’t go wrong with these Blu-ray combos in an Easter basket. And kids will love decorating their eggs to look like the minions. With “Despicable Me,” “Despicable Me 2” and “Minions” movies, eggs, yellow die, blue dye, markers and imaginations, this Easter will be a fun and creative one for the entire family.

Minions masterclass: 15 life lessons we learned from the Despicable Me cuties

These little yellow critters might be adorable, but the minions have also taught us some VERY valuable life lessons


1. Always look on the bright side of life
If there’s one thing the minions have taught us, it’s that approaching life with a big fat smile on your face is a surefire way to have a good time.
Find the positives, guys.
2. Always be yourself

The minions never try to be someone – or something – that they’re not. Instead, they always stay true to who they are.
Be who you are, minion-lovers. Because who you are is, actually, pretty damn amazing.
3. Enjoy the little things

Whether it’s something as simple as a hug, or a smile, or a kind word, it’s so important to take a little time and look around you every once in a while. After all, life moves pretty fast – you don’t want to miss any of it!
4. Look after your friends
The minions are proof that, when we look out for each other and stand united, we’re more likely to live a happy life.
So be a good friend; when your BFFs need you, make sure you’re there for them – and they’ll return the favour when you need picking up, too.
5. Always try your best

This one says it all really, doesn’t it? If you try your best, you’re more likely to be the best version of you there is – trust us.
6. Work to live, don’t live to work
Work is important, sure – but there are more important things in life. Find the fun in what you do, and always give it your best shot, but don’t live to work. You should be working to live, okay?
7. Ditch toxic frenemies

There comes a time in life when you have to let go of all the pointless drama and the people who create it; instead, surround yourself with the people who make you laugh so hard you forget about the bad and focus solely on the good.
After all, life’s too short to be anything but happy.
8. Hug first, ask questions later
When your loved ones are feeling down, don’t just try to ignore it and hope they’ll feel better. Instead, give them a hug and let them know that they can talk to you when they’re feeling down. It’s the minion way.
9. It is okay to feel sad.

Don’t bottle everything up; there’s absolutely no shame in shedding a tear when you need to. You need to accept when you are sad, you need to face those feelings head-on, and you need to let those around you know that you need your support system.
Feeling sad is healthy, normal, and, despite this being all about out favourite minions, very, very human.
10. Don’t be afraid to speak up
You are valuable – which means that your opinions are valuable, too. So when you’re asked for your opinion, don’t be afraid to give it.
And, even if you’re not asked, speak up if you feel strongly about something; you’ll only regret it later.
11. Know your worth
It doesn’t matter how rich or ‘perfect’ you are; what matters is how much you care, how much you love, and how much you try. These are the qualities that make you worthwhile to know.
12. If you’re not happy, make a change
If life isn’t going the way you planned, take action and change direction. Minions are all about living life as it’s meant to be: hilarious and fun.
Sing and dance through life – and don’t be afraid what others will say. So what if you need to pick up and start over? The life you live is yours, not theirs.
13. Love your body
Girlfriends, big or small, you need to worship that body. It’s the only one you’ve got.
14. Know the power of the banana
After all these minion movies, we all know the power of bananas is well worth investing in. Get your five a day, every day; it’ll give you the energy you need for a minion-worthy song and dance!
15. Stay positive
Just because something isn’t happening for you right now doesn’t mean it will never happen. Stay positive, take action, and never give up. After all, there’s no such thing as an ending – only a new beginning.

When Does ‘Despicable Me 3′ Come Out? The Franchise’s Next Installment Could Conquer The World


The Despicable Me Minions franchise enters new territory on July 10 when its first spinoff film, Minions, hits theaters. Although Minions is centered on the now-iconic and extremely popular yellow henchmen from the first two Despicable Me films and features some stellar voice talent in franchise-newcomers Sandra Bullock, Jon Hamm, and Michael Keaton, fans still might be feeling nostalgic for Steve Carell’s Gru and the rest of the Despicable Me gang. Even though a young version of Gru will be making a cameo in Minions, frankly, it’s not enough. We need more Gru in our lives, and it seems the only way to get it is with a proper sequel to 2013’s Despicable Me 2. So, when does Despicable Me 3 come out?

Unfortunately, we’ve still got a bit of a wait ahead of us. Despicable Me 3 isn’t slated to premiere until June 30, 2017. Yes, we’re aware that’s a full two years in the future, which is definitely fodder enough for a supervillain origin story. But before you start making plans to steal the moon, know this: when it does eventually get released, Despicable Me 3 just might become the biggest hit of the entire franchise. Here are a few reasons why.

The Minions Have Raised The Bar



Already the breakout stars of the first two Despicable Me Minions movies, the Minions are only going to grow in popularity following the debut of their own film. Especially when you consider the fact that Minions’ opening weekend box office take is predicted be $85 million in North America, which would put it ahead of both Despicable Me’s $56.3 million and Despicable Me 2’s $83.5 million. No small feat, especially considering that the latter film went on to gross almost one billion dollars at the worldwide box office.

This Could Be Steve Carell’s Last Outing


While nothing is confirmed, IMDb claims that Despicable Me 3 might be the last go-round for Carell as Gru, the franchise’s star. Carell’s performance (along with the Minions) has largely driven the series to this point, so it makes sense that a lot of people would turn out to bear witness to his swan song.

Inside Out Had Major Success

If a rising tide lifts all boats, then the success of Pixar’s Inside Out can only be good news for Despicable Me 3. Inside Out has been a resounding critical success and will likely surpass Monsters University’s total domestic box office take by its fourth weekend to become the animation studio’s biggest hit since 2010’s Toy Story 3. With Pixar, seen by many as the leader in film animation, officially out of their recent slump (if you want to call it that), then other animation studios like Despicable Me 3 producer Illumination Entertainment can only benefit.

It’s gonna be a long time before the next Despicable Me movie hits theaters, but thankfully, we have this month’s Minions to make the wait go smoother before Gru and the rest of his gang come back into our lives for another round.

Review: ‘Minions’ offers laughs, but characters lack depth of those in ‘Despicable Me’

Despicable Me’s” little yellow henchmen got their own origin movie with “Minions,” but how does an entire movie about gibberish-speaking comic relief characters stack up? Community blogger Brendon McCullin offers his take.


In this image released by Universal Pictures, various minion characters appear in a scene from the animated feature, “Minions.” (Illumination Entertainment/Universal Pictures via AP)

Any parent of a child under 12 is familiar with the Minions, the comic relief of 2010′s “Despicable Me” and its sequel, 2013′s “Despicable Me 2.” With the third film in the series not due to be released until 2017, the little yellow, pill-shaped henchmen were given their own origin story film with “Minions.”

Of course, making a feature film about characters that talk in a weird amalgam of gibberish mixed with stray English, Spanish and French words is a unique challenge.

The story follows the yellow dudes as they initially spend history trying to find a villain to follow. From a T-Rex through Napoleon, they seek out the baddest of the bad to offer their undying support. Viewers of the Minions’ other work, however, are well aware that despite their best intentions, things don’t always go the way they want.

Caught in a rut, three of group — leader Kevin, hipster Stuart and sweetly dim Bob — are charged with trying to find a new master, leading them to the United States circa 1968. At an event in pre-Disney Orlando, they boys hook up with a female super-villain named Scarlett Overkill, voiced by Sandra Bullock.


Along with Scarlet’s husband, Herb (John Hamm), the group jets off to swinging London to try to steal the Crown Jewels from a very feisty Queen Elizabeth (Jennifer Saunders of “Absolutely Fabulous” fame).

As one would expect, the plot is more an excuse to get from joke to joke, and some of the jokes are certainly funny. Palace guards are hypnotized into performing “Hair,” the Minions use London Tower’s dungeon as a playground, and their former masters all meet their demise in comical fashion.

What’s missing, though, is anything of particular interest from the human characters. Whereas in the first two films the relationship between not-quite-evil Gru and his adopted daughters give the yellow dudes something to play against, all of the human characters in “Minions” lack any real depth.

Given the lack of communication skills of the title characters, directors Pierre Coffin (who provides the voice of the Minions) and Kyle Balda might’ve been expected to harken back to the days of silent film comedians like Buster Keaton and Harold Lloyd. Those early film stars didn’t need words to be convey emotions while they were being funny, and the animated Minions are capable of the same. Instead, they treat the film as just an extended version of the various short films that have been tagged onto the earlier films’ DVD releases.

The scattershot nature of the humor will be plenty to keep the kids laughing, and many of them have been waiting months to see the latest exploits of the little yellow guys, as evidenced by the film’s $115-million opening weekend. It just might have been nice to find more of the earlier films’ heart mixed in with the candy-colored antics.

Minions movie review: What’s it about? Is it as good as Despicable Me?

Minions movie is out on Friday June, 26, but is it worth a watch? And is it as good as Despicable Me?

Minions movie

The Minions are back and this time, it’s all all about them.

Our favourite little helpers have finally got their own movie after winning over the nation in Disney’s hugely successful Despicable Me 1 and 2.

But will their spin-off film live up to expectations? Here’s everything you need to know about the new Minions movie which is out on Friday June, 26.

What’s it about?
For years, the Minions have served a variety of masters – the dinosaurs, the Ancient Egyptians, Dracula. Unfortunately, they have a habit of getting their masters killed.

Fast-forward to the 1960s and Kevin, Stuart and Bob are looking for a new master to serve. Their quest brings them to New York, where they discover the world’s first female super villain, Scarlet Overkill, and hope to be recruited by her.

It seems they’ve finally found who they are looking for, but after discovering how evil she can be, is Scarlet Overkill a step too far for the little helpers?



Who’s in it?
It stars Pierre Coffin who is the voice of the Minions, Gravity star Sandra Bullock who is the voice of villain Scarlet Overkill and Mad Men’s Jon Hamm who plays her inventor husband Herb Overkill.

Other stars lending their voices are Batman’s Michael Keaton, Juno’s Allison Janney, The Lorax star Michael Beattie, Eastbound & Down’s Katy Mixon, Absolutely Fabulous star Jennifer Saunders and Alan Partridge’s Steve Coogan.

Is it worth a watch?
The Despicable Me minions prequel has been hugely anticipated, and whilst the lovable little helpers offer plenty of belly laughs, some critics say they work better as the supporting characters rather than the main attraction.

Others have said that whilst the movie was enjoyable with the Minions‘ usual babbling and other charming traits, the producers missed out on some golden opportunities.

But generally there has been a fond approach to the film, with reviewers recognising it is an innocent, colourful, silly and funny movie, perfect for the family.

The Lovable ‘Despicable Me’ Minions Get Their Own Pantone Color

Just in time for the warm weather, Pantone has announced a brand springy color: Minion Yellow. Based on the hit animated film Despicable Me, the bright and zesty hue will be the paint company’s newest swatch of the season, and the first ever movie-inspired color produced by Pantone.minion-yellow1-e1429547697483

Pantone Minion Yellow is inspired by the favorite little monsters and helpers of Despicable Me protagonist/semi-villain Gru, voiced by Steve Carrell. The minions were so popular that they’re set to star in their own spin-off film, titled Minions, in theaters July 10.

The company is producing the color in collaboration with Pharrell Williams, who created the film’s theme song Happy. At the Pantone Color Institute, researchers analyzed the the movie’s palette with animators in order to find its most distinguishing color. In this case, that was the distinctly soft tone that comprises Minion Yellow.

“Just as the sun’s rays enliven us, Pantone Minion Yellow is a color that heightens awareness and creates clarity, lighting the way to the intelligence, originality and the resourcefulness of an open mind,” Pantone Color Institute executive director Leatrice Eiseman said in a statement. “This is the color of hope, joy and optimism.”


The announcement comes just months after Pantone declared Marsala—a deep purple, nearly wine-colored hue—the 2015 Color of the Year. The decision left many perplexed and questioning Pantone’s tastes. But, despite the controversy, Pantone is pretty certain that Minion Yellow will gain the success it deserves.

‘Despicable Me’ Spinoff ‘Minions’ Head to Comics This Summer (Exclusive)

Not content with stealing the show in two Despicable Me movies and graduating to their own big screen adventure, Universal and Illumination’s Minions will be conquering comics this summer with the launch of their own series of comics and graphic novels from Titan Comics.


Tying in with the July release of the Minions movie, animators Didier Ah-koon and Renaud Collin will bring Stuart, Kevin, Bob and the rest of the bright yellow henchbeings to comics in a deal with the British-based publisher that will see the release of four comic book issues, two digest collections, two hardcover editions and a paperback collection.


Nick Landau, Titan publisher, said that the company is “so excited to be part of this wonderful franchise.”

The line launches on June 17, with the release of the first issue of the Minions comic book digitally and in comic book stores, as well as the first digest collection in bookstores. Minions will be released in theaters July 10.


Banana industry turns to Minions from Despicable Me movie to boost sales

While growers battle to save their farms from the deadly virus and the threat of further spread from Cyclone Nathan bearing down on north Queensland, their promotional arm has signed up the Minions of the Despicable Me franchise to sell their fruit.

In the short film Banana, the Minions indulge their craving for fruit, particularly bananas. They also sing the Ba-ba-ba-ba-ba-nana song.


Universal Studios and banana marketing group Horticulture Innovation Australia (HIA) are negotiating to promote bananas and the upcoming Minions movie in supermarkets in coming weeks.

HIA general manager marketing David Chenu said “it’s a logical pairing”.

Minions are hugely popular little creatures. They live off and their favourite food is bananas. In Australia, too, the banana is the nation’s most popular food. Five million bananas are eaten every single day in this country.

“There is a strong emotional connection to bananas.”

He said the dire threat to the nation’s banana supply by the first confirmed case of Panama disease on a Tully farm on the weekend had hit growers hard. Panama disease wiped-out the commercial banana industry in the Northern Territory two decades ago.

It is also behind a series of devastating large-scale outbreaks in China, Malaysia, Indonesia and the Philippines.

“It has been a massive wake-up call to the way we go about producing, growing and selling bananas. We don’t see any foreseeable impact on supply, taste, price or good value of bananas.”


Fears are growing heavy rain associated with Cyclone Nathan will hamper surveillance efforts around Tully, where the disease was detected.

Biosecurity Queensland continues to investigate a confirmed case of Panama disease Tropical Race 4 at a Dingo Pocket banana farm, however weather conditions have closed its mobile office at Tully IGA until Monday.

Nathan is expected to cross the coast tomorrow morning.

Where To Buy A Minions Costume?


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minions costumes

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