Boom,Boom,Boom, Santa Claus sent you a present!WOW

Santa Claus, also known as Father Christmas or Santa (Santy of Irish English), is a mysterious person who quietly presents gifts to children on Christmas Eve.It is one of the representative roles of holiday themes. He is generally regarded as a derivation of the Christian sage, San Nicholas (Saint Nicholas).



It is said that every December 24th night, a mysterious person will fly in the sky by the sleigh pulled by 9 reindeer, and go indoors from chimney into the house, and then put the gift on the bed of the good boy’s bedside socks or pile up under the Christmas tree beside the fireplace. At other times of the year, he was busy making gifts and supervising the behavior of the children.

Santa Claus

Santa Claus

No one has ever seen a mysterious man, but people will dress up like him to give presents to their children. He is often described as an old man, wearing a red hat, big white beard, a red coat, wearing red boots, holding a big bag with a gift, because there are always gifts on Christmas Eve, so accustomed to call him “Santa claus”.



The reindeer of Santa Claus is a reindeer who sled sleigh for Santa Claus.Santa Claus presents gifts to children on Christmas Eve. Santa Claus crawled into the house from the chimney and left the Christmas gifts for the children. The leader of the reindeer is Rudolf (Rudolph), with a red nose that glows. There are 9 of them:


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Use Mascot Costume to Attract Kids

Today, mascot costume is widely sought after. As the name implies, these special attires are of particular use. You will never wear them for daily commutation. At no time will you put on one of them for work or shopping. These funny clothes are only found on occasions like parties, openings, carnivals and also wedding ceremonies. As items always bringing happiness to people, mascot costumes are also usually spotted in kindergartens and when public benefit activities are held.


Christmas costume is one of those holidays that come every year on the same day. Everyone knows when it is happening, but they never know what the day will hold. They know what they want, what they want to say and what they want to be said to them. Those wants include gifts, flowers and proclamations of love and adoration. As a result, Christmas approaches with expectations, obligations and even expenses to meet. There can be a lot of pressure to get the right present, send the right message and make sure no one goes away disappointed or confused as to who they love and who loves them. In this economy, every dime and every word has to mean something and be well spent. You need not only to get your message across, but to do it meaningfully and within your budget.

If you are buying from overseas, try to find a shop that has clear delivery times, and provides online tracking so you can follow your costume journey all the way to your door.  First persons who will be captivated by you will be the kids. Because small children can be easily spooked and frightened if you make fast and unexpected movements, you have to pay attention never to do sudden, fast movements around young Minions Mascot Costume,Snowman Mascot Costume and Puss In Boots Mascot Costume.

Disney’s new holiday tradition: LaborWeen

If you think the Christmas season starts too early, this story is going to drive you crazy. Prepare to shred your calendar because this year, according to Disney, Halloween began on Labor Day.

That’s right, The Mouse may have the rights to every pop culture franchise under the sun but he doesn’t have patience. At least not enough to wait until after Sept. 1 to kick off this year’s Not So Scary Halloween Party events. No sooner did kids go back to school than they had to settle on a costume choice. But who am I kidding, kids love this stuff. Not that adults are immune to the promise of free candy and an excuse to dress up. And that’s what it’s all about: Adults paying for tickets, buying the merchandise and spreading economic holiday joy all throughout the tourism kingdom, whether or not it’s early.
The LaborWeen festivities did work in favor of a few guests I met. Sarah MacLeod and son Callum of Canada were able to enjoy the event thanks to Callum’s college classes starting the second week of September. And such was the case for Colorado residents April Cadeau, Sarah Beurman, Natalie Stanaway, Amanda Waite and Kayla Waite, who planned their pre-college get-away around the early Halloween event. They even wore the same costume — five Peter Pans but no Tinker Bell. The absence was not long because I later found two Tinker Bells in the form of Jeff Robert and Sarah Murphy of New York. Yes, Jeff dressed as Tink, and it was the most awesomely picturesque moment I’ve had this year. LaborWeen, and this slideshow, will indeed go down in history.
The first night crowd was festive, but not large. I had no trouble finding a spot for the Villains Mix And Mingle show in front of Cinderella Castle. And there was enough room to stretch out on a blanket and watch the HalloWishes fireworks show Fourth-of-July-beach-party style on Main Street USA. And why not celebrate Labor Day, the Fourth of July and Halloween at the same time? It’s probably on Bob Iger’s 2015 to-do list anyway.
So check out the slideshow for a peek at the party, and Jeff Robert as Tinker Bell. And for more holiday hijinks in the tourism world, stay tuned to After all, there are still about 60 days left until the real Halloween.


Are these the most elaborate Christmas party outfits?


Finding the right outfit for the office Christmas costume party can be stressful, but engineers at Dyson have taken festive dressing to a new level.eagle

The Christmas party thrown by British engineering firm Dyson puts others to shame with an elaborate design extravaganza.

This year’s theme was “topsy turvy” and featured a burning hydrant, upside-down living room and a robotic backwards bird.

Meanwhile, employees tried to out do eachother with the most inventive costume as boss James Dyson turned up to judge the best entries.

Engineers used cardboard, metal and discarded parts of Dyson technology to create an elaborate range of costumes, including an eagle costume with a four metre wing span, flying pigs and roller coasters. There was only one Santa Claus mascot who arrived in a custom-made upside-down robotic sleigh.
It will make your sequins and tinsel all seem a bit tame.

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How to behave at the office Christmas party

Men – how should you conduct yourself at the work Christmas bash? Danae Mercer (and her female friends) offer some words of advice

“I think it’s great when guys aren’t afraid to be silly. It makes things really entertaining,” said one friend. Plus, the instant you get out there, it makes it that much easier for us to get out there too.
Just don’t go for the grind. We’re colleagues – not mistletoe lovers.

Christmas party
Go for the suit
Men look great in suits. If that’s not reason enough, you wearing suits means we can put on our holiday best. “Usually I want to wear something nice, a bit sparkly. If men are in jeans and a shirt, it will make me feel a bit odd,” noted one friend.
Try to be inclusive
“This doesn’t always happen, but sometimes if there are a lot of guys in a group, they can talk about guy stuff. And then they don’t mingle as much as they could with the ladies. I am all about the mingling,” said a friend.
Go big with secret Santa
“I do look for the guys for the most amusing secret Santa costume gift… because sometimes, let’s face it, girls tend to go for ‘nice’ presents,” added another.
If you’ve got a crush, be discreet
Office crushes are a whole lot of skating on thin ice, and I don’t envy you if you have one. But if your heart’s passion works at the desk opposite you, should you tell her at the office Christmas party?
“Not unless you want the office to be talking the next day. I’d prefer a guy to pick a more discreet moment if they really liked me,” said a friend.
Almost all of the women I spoke to agreed that the office Christmas party was most definitely not the place to confess your deepest feelings
Instead, buy your crush a drink. Give her a compliment, “but not in a ‘that dress looks nice, now take it off’ kind of way,” to quote a friend. Talk to her about her life outside the office. Use the party as a chance to drop a note the next day, asking if she’d like to go for a glass of wine.
Don’t get too drunk
Please, dear suited sirs, walk away from that eighth mulled wine. Put down the eggnog shooter. And do not, under any circumstances, go for the port jaegerbomb.
“When colleagues get too drunk, it’s just a pretty big turn-off,” noted a friend.
We have to work with you in the morning. So seeing you sing your heart out to Miley, or getting a bit ill in the corner, isn’t exactly ideal.
Don’t go for the smutty
Unfortunately, every so often, party humour strays into the inappropriate. Or that hand slips from the shoulders to the back to the bum. It can be a bit awkward, especially if we’re going to be discussing 2014′s regional sales strategy the following morning.
“While banter and amusement is lovely, I’d rather gents stay on the right side of humour. Sometimes there can be a tendency to slip into rowdy territory when too many beers have been consumed,” said a friend.
The solution? Know your limits. “Never, ever get so drunk that you become touchy-feely. Otherwise it’s very uncomfortable when you go back at work,” said another.
Just be your charming selves
These are just some small tips to make the Christmas costume party that much nicer. At the end of the day, stay classy and all will be fine. Don’t drink to excess. Don’t get grabby. Just have fun, let us get to know your life outside the office, and if you’re feeling a bit bold, come meet us on the dance floor.

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Introduce you the most popular Gumball Watterson


Gumball Tristopher Watterson is the main character of The Amazing World of Gumball. He is a twelve-year-old, light blue male cat that goes to Elmore Junior High with his ten-year-old adopted brother/best friend Darwin and his four-year-old sister Anais. Gumball is in Miss Simian’s class. Gumball also has a crush on Penny, and though their feelings are mutual, they struggle to express their emotions to each other.

Gumball mascot

Early Concept
Originally, Gumball was to be a blue dog. Not much thought was put into this choice – it was more of a placeholder than a final design. As the creators developed the character further, they decided to make him a black cat as it fit the personality they had in mind for him: unlucky, but optimistic (black cats symbolize bad luck). The creators found this trait to be too restricting in terms of possible plots and stories. In addition, a silhouette cat would be “hard to read” on the backgrounds planned for the show. Finally, the decision was to make him blue, a decision that Bocquelet liked because blue isn’t a color usually found on cats, and it had a “70′s-80′s Japanese mascot” sort of feel.

Final Design
In the actual show, Gumball is a light blue cat. On his oversized head, he has six whiskers, but only five are visible most of the time because his head is mostly shown at an angle. He usually wears grey trousers coupled with a tan sweater which has brown cuffs and a brown collar. Like his mother and father, Gumball doesn’t wear shoes, and is the only member of the Wattersons without visible eyelashes, although in some episode he is seen with visible eyelashes, like in “The Refund”.

In Season 2, his design changes slightly. His head and his whiskers are bigger, while his eyes and tooth are rounder.

Gumball is portrayed as a fun-loving, imaginative, rather optimistic, and a very mischievous cat. When his mishaps get himself into a mess, he usually attempts to fix things with somewhat dimwitted ideas, which usually get him into even more trouble than before. No matter how his schemes resolve themselves, Gumball’s naïveté stops him from learning his lesson. He usually plans his mishaps with Darwin. Like Darwin, Gumball does not appear to notice deception, which may mean that he is too optimistic to notice most negative things around him.

Gumball has a big ego and it is where he is most sensitive. Otherwise he is usually positive on all matters concerning him. Gumball is smart, but that doesn’t mean he’s wise. At times he acts really stupid and goes to great illogical lengths to find something, but he has shown some degree of cleverness in other circumstances. He happens to have a superior vocabulary than that of most of his classmates, using more mature words. Gumball has also displayed extents of observancy and operational ingenuity, such as being able to identify small things like the burn markings on Rocky’s palms, intellectually arrange escape routes based on his surroundings, and even counter his own mother Nicole’s hand-based offences for a great deal of time, shown in both episodes “The Date” and “The Remote”; in which case even secretly confiscating her car keys from her pocket in the process. His antics have gotten him in dangerous and often life-threatening situations, usually saved by luck by someone more sensible at the time. He has shown skill in building, when he made a system of chain reactions to launch a bowling ball onto the moon, as seen in “The Car”, though he failed miserably in the last element.

He is a decent cook, making a very good sandwich for Darwin as mentioned in “The Secret”, and is shown making a good (albeit spicy) meal for him in the same episode. He also got a B in home eds for his cooking and Miss Simian called his cooking divine. However, in “The Responsible”, Gumball makes disgusting food for Anais, consisting of a rotten fish between bread slices and an old shoe. In the “The Knights”, Gumball made a cake for Mr. Fitzgerald.

As such a lovely Gumball Watterson,Why not take a Gumball Blue Cat Costumes to a amazing Christmas costume party?

The Ultimate Office Christmas Party Etiquette Guide

The Christmas is around the corner,We are all looking forward to the amazing Christmas costume party.With your office Christmas party fast approaching we offer this simple etiquette guide to help you navigate this perilous social minefield.

Christmas party
1) Be ‘on brand.’ Lean towards the conservative in all things but especially in your choice of fancy dress. Should the theme be things that begin with the letter P then consider a Pirate, Penguin or even a member of the Partridge family, but under no circumstances dress as a Penis. Take time to consider any unwanted interpretations ones ensemble might present. Should you dress as a Phantom or Poltergeist in a white sheet with cut out eyes then perhaps consider the similarity to a Southern, far-right, politically isolated, members only club as well.
2) Know one’s limitations. Do not take the words ‘free bar’ as a personal challenge. Take a moment to consider any prior issues that may have been noted by yourself, your family or perhaps even a close friend such as a tendency to start fires or profound kleptomania. If after three drinks you are confident, five hilarious, and seven a demon spawned hellion who likes to wrestle naked, then set your bar securely between the three and six mark for the duration of your evening.
3) Realize the benefits of proper nutrition. It is always best to eat a hearty meal in advance of a notable social occasion as canapes are an impractical cushion, unless you plan to act like a cow and graze for six hours straight. Consider dining on pasta, pizza or even a simple burger, but do bear in mind you may be seeing it again later. As such it is best to avoid spaghetti. If you need this explained to you then you have never had to retrieve regurgitated spaghetti from your throat like a nesting sparrow.

4) There is a time and a place to be memorable. Strive never to be more than a foot higher than anyone else unless you are climbing or descending a set of stairs. If you can be seen from across the room then you are probably doing something you shouldn’t. While it is indeed possible you possess the dance moves of a young Travolta or know all the words to “Gangnam Style” in the original Korean, ask yourself, is this the correct moment to demonstrate said ability? This applies equally to handstands, juggling and doing the splits but is especially important if your party piece leans toward the exotic such as Thai Ping Pong or hiding a satsuma under ones foreskin.
5) Keep one’s opinions to one’s self. There is a time and a place for frank discussion of your companies failings; perhaps in a well contrived email or short PowerPoint presentation, but probably not as a hate filled diatribe in which you refer to your boss as a c**ksuc*er. In fact it is best not to speak to your boss at all. By this I don’t mean your day to day manager, but the one who descends once yearly from their ivory tower to walk amongst the people like they understand and could live off what they pay you.
6) The only items of clothing you should be removing are your hat and coat.Exposure of any kind should be avoided. You may consider your genitalia a holy relic of mankind and wish to share its classically appointed proportions with all present, but be prepared for it not to draw the result you’d hoped. Likewise your breasts may in fact be as ripe and full as honeydew melons but ask yourself, is this the time to share them? This is not the time to share them. Performing a sex act on, with or even near colleagues is also deeply frowned upon in a social setting. One would suggest that unless you have soberly and consciously admired a co-worker from afar for a minimum of three months then it is probably best not to sleep with them at all.

7) There is a time and a place for fisticuffs. Roughhousing of any kind should be avoided. Tackling Jenny from Travel or slapping your glove across Ricky from Accounts face and demanding satisfaction no matter how long he took to process your expenses claim is not advised.
8) There is such a thing as too much information. Your willingness to open up is admirable but choosing this particular moment to share intimate or previously unmentioned information about yourself with co-workers is best avoided. You may swear by the health benefits of drinking your own urine, collect small porcelain figurines of animals dressed as humans, or organize your holidays around Barbra Streisand’s touring schedule, but these are details best kept to oneself. Consider how you would feel to discover Tony who sits opposite you likes the rough stuff or collects assault rifles (note: this does not apply if you work for the N.R.A in which case the more assault rifles the merrier).
9) Above all, know when to bow out gracefully. As a simple equation to guide you — the last one left standing is the one least likely to be standing come January. Consider booking a cab.
OK,That’s all, Hope you will enjoy yourself during the Christmas party time,Maybe An Character mascot costume like Santa Claus Mascot Costume and Snowman Mascot Costume will bring so much praise to you and your team.

Looking Forward to Christmas Show Crackers 2013


Ladies and Gentleman,Christmas Show Crackers 2013 will be in Festive Theatre in London. It must be geat party to all of us during Christmas Costume season.

christmas costume

“The most wonderful time of the year” is nearly upon us, and while some might question exactly how wonderful it is, the festive season is certainly a cracker (ho ho ho) for stage shows. Re-imagined fairytales, cabaret cheer, immersive parties, a zoo’s-worth of animals and a sprinkling of Christmas magic are all on offer in the capital alongside the traditional Christmas pantos — although there are plenty of those too (oh no there aren’t, oh yes…you see where we’re going with this). Here are our festive favourites:

The Classic
With a Christmas tree, Snowflakes, Angels and a Sugar Plum Fairy, it doesn’t get much more Christmassy than The Nutcracker. A ballet performed by countless companies since its first incarnation in 1892, The Nutcracker follows the story of a young girl on Christmas Eve who gets whisked into a fantastical world where toys become larger than life.
The Traditionals
For over 20 years the Wintershall Players, based at Wintershall in Surrey, have performed their famous Nativity play to tens of thousands of people at its home in the Surrey Hills. This year for the first time the Wintershall Nativity Play is making its own pilgrimage for a one-off special against the backdrop of BBC Broadcasting House. With a cast of over 70, songs, music, live sheep and donkeys, it’s the Nativity on a grand scale. 19 December, £20.50/£10.50.
The Alternative
For something altogether different, you could try an ‘immersive theatre Christmas party’ at performing arts venue Village Underground. Together with Secret Productions and immersive theatre company Petersham Playhouse, The Imaginarium offers companies something different than the usual dinner-and-drinks-and-moredrinks-and-bottomphotocopying-and-awkwardfumbleinthecloakroom. The venue has been transformed into a series of magical parallel universes and with tube carriages, wartime planes, curiosity shops and a whole host of actors to bring it to life. It certainly sounds set to be an office party to remember. 20 December, £49.50.
The Musical
Fantastical, bizarre, and with a whole lot of Whos, the Grammy-nominated musicalSeussical the Musical is at Arts Theatre to tell the story of Horton the Elephant and the tiny world of the Who he heard (he did hear it, he did, he definitely definitely did!). 30 November-5 January 2014, £25/£22.50.
The Cabaret
Dip your toe into a bit of festive variety this season at The Clapham Grand. Beyond the Christmas Cabaret is back for an evening of Yuletide cheer by some of London’s foremost variety performers. Nothing says pass the cranberry sauce quite like burlesque, musical duos, acrobatics and comedy, all hosted by cabaret veteran Des O’Connor. 15 December, £15-£25
The Interactive
Get to your feet and start unravelling the magic of Christmas for yourself with these immersive performances. George Neighbour has lived at Battersea Arts Centre his whole life, but his memory isn’t what it used to be. Join him at The Good Neighbour to take over the old Battersea building, solve the mysteries and unveil a host of curious characters, all with their own tale to tell. 6 December-4 January 2014, £12-£19.50.
The Fluffies
If the annual cries of “I want a PUPPY’”, “but I asked for a KITTEN”, “I don’t care if they don’t actually exist, I demand a UNICORN” leave you reaching for the bathroom medicine cabinet, then you may be pleased to hear that gorillas, tigers, snails, whales and even an elephantom are on offer this year. Most of these shows are aimed at kids, but Londonist is still waiting on their pet unicorn, so we’re sure big kids are welcome too.
The Magic
London’s longest running magic and illusion show (now in its 11th year), The Magic Cavern is at Barons Court Theatre with extra sprinklings of magic to celebrate the festive season. Witness the impossible, suspend belief, and… tell the box office manager if it’s your birthday to get a shout-out. Magic. 1-27 December, £12/£8.
The Grown Up
Nice tales of magic and animals at Christmas? Bah, humbug! If you prefer your theatre outings less sugar and more spice (and certainly never all things nice) then The Night Before Christmas at Soho Theatre is promising Yuletide with a bit of satirical bite (29 November-5 January 2014, £17.50-£25), and Mischief Theatre is at Pleasance Theatre (intentionally) butchering a much-loved favourite, with Peter Pan Goes Wrong (10 December-5 January 2014, £12-£16).
The Pantos
We couldn’t write a Christmas stage list without including a selection of this year’s set of Christmas pantomimes. Incredibly cheesy, even more cringeworthy and most of all, bloody good fun, they’re a British institution and we love them (or love to hate them).
This year expect cat puns aplenty with Puss in Boots costume at Hackney Empire (23 November-5 January 2014, £10-£32). Er, even more cat puns at the ‘mewsical’ panto Dick Whittington at Queen’s Theatre Hornchurch (30 November-11 January 2014, £18-£25). Evil giants reside withJack and the Beanstalk at Lyric Hammersmith (23 November-4 January 2014, £12.50-£35) with another edition at Southwark Playhouse (6 December-11 January 2014, £10-£14).

christmas promotion

Christmas and New Year Mascot Costume Promotion

Do not be so surprise like how fast time passes, it is December now! We have the most lovely festival in a year – X’mas.

As everybody knows, Christmas is a shopping season, a party season. Have U ever consider of bringing a mascot to your party, because mascot is a perfect role to delivery warm welcome and 拷贝
Now, I have some recommendation for you:
Chip and Dale Mascot Costumes for Adult:
Donald and Daisy Mascot Costumes
Goofy and Brutto Mascot Costumes
Mickey for Christmas Mascot Costume
Any interests in buying mascots for Christmas and New Year party? You are very welcomed to ask more detail information.

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Miley Cyrus Is This Year’s Most Popular Halloween Costume!

We can say, without a doubt, that Miley Cyrus was hands down the most popular Halloween costume this year!
Paris Hilton, Kelly Ripa, One Direction’s Harry Styles and so many more all dressed up in the infamous VMA’s outfit!
Well, Mileybird was on with Ryan Seacrest this morning where she announced dates for her upcoming tour, but she ALSO dished on which costume was her favorite!

Miley said:
“I think Harry might have been one of my favorites. Those shorts were very revealing … I told him he could have the ‘OG’ foam finger, but he was in Tokyo.”
LOLOLzz!! That would have been epic!
Though, we’re so sadsies to hear that Mileybird didn’t put the vampireversion of herself on the top of the list!!!
Miley also dished on what it was like to be at a party and see themillions of Miley’s!
She revealed:
“I went out and I was standing on the couch looking over the whole crowd and I saw a million people as me… I think that’s really crazy.”
We bet!!!!
She must have felt like the center of the world!! Miley Cyrus Is This Year’s Most Popular Halloween Costume!
Let’s looking forward to the Christmas costume party of Miley Cyrus.