How to Use Ultimate ABS WORKOUT

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We all know how hard it is to wake up early and go to a gym to get our work out done right? We all have one desire in common which is a flatter stomach or even a sexy 6 pack. Well, this Ultimate Abs Stimulator is the most powerful and effective 6 pack solution on the market that effortlessly strips away your abdominal fat to finally show off your toned ABS.Thanks to the advanced EMS technology, which is worn on your abdominal muscles, or the Body Fit, which can be worn on your arms, legs or waist. HOW TO USE: To begin Insert 3 AAA batteries to the Host Unit, use simply apply the Gel pads to your Abs,then turn to desired intensity level. Tailored to fit the contours of your Abdomen to stimulate all your major stomach muscles while being easy to use.

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Mothers day gifts muscle stimulator Abdominal Toning Exercise Belt Machine

Note: 1.Do not use it when you are sleeping 2.The following people are not allowed to use the product People with skin problems,such as skin allergies. People are built-in medical devices, such as pacemakers. Physically weak, such as women are pregnant or gave birth ecently People operate the machine, such as driving.