Frozen 2 Rumors about Olaf’s New Love Interest, Serious Themes Get Stronger!

The sequel to “Frozen” is coming, although it will probably be a pretty long wait until we get it. In the meantime, fans will of course argue quit a lot about what the new film might bring to the scene, and there are already some prominent rumors in the community, some of which even make sense and sound quite plausible. Still, it’s important to remember that this film is probably in a relatively early phase of its development so it will take a while before we get any official information about it.


And with that in mind, the credibility of those rumors should also be questioned as it’s not very likely that the studio has confirmed some of the finer details of the story yet. Still, it’s interesting to look at rumors like the one about Olaf’s new love interest, and check what the community is saying about the possible developments of the situation.

While the new film will still be centered on Anna and Elsa, it’s also rumored that it will add a little more depth to the character of Olaf, and throw him into his own love story with various ups and downs. However, we still have no idea who Olaf is going to fall in love with in particular, and fans are not even sure if the character is going to be another snowman or possibly a human.

One thing is clear though – this will be an interesting romance to see unfolding, and there is a lot of potential in Olafs character for an exciting love story, so the writers would be smart to consider this option even if the rumors are currently false. It’s probably not too late in the film’s development to change this detail right now, and we expect that Disney are paying a lot of attention to online discussions about the film, as they know its importance in their overall portfolio.

Olaf find flower

According to some public statements about the film, the people behind the project at least have a clear direction for its production right now and they know what they want to do with it. Which, according to some publications, is important enough by itself because it shows that a lot of thought has already gone into making “Frozen 2”, and Disney are obviously not treating this as a run-of-the-mill sequel.

But then again, the studio has never treated their sequels like that. This is one of the better things about Disney, that whenever they are ready to come out with a sequel to one of their films/franchises, they have thought it through very carefully and they are sure that they want to do it. Because of this, we have seen very few instances where a sequel to a Disney film has failed to live up to expectations, despite the fact that the studio’s fans can sometimes have quite the high expectations in the first place, and they have proven to be a somewhat difficult crowd to please in general.


There are also other rumors and reports about “Frozen 2”, such as that it will show Anna with a special power of her own, and that there might be a theme of homosexuality in the storyline, possibly related to one of the main characters of the story too. This particular rumor has been getting a lot of attention from fans and critics alike, but it’s probably not going to be that big of a deal once the film comes out.

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