Dreamworks’ Trolls: Are Branch, Poppy Or Any Other Characters From The Original Toys?


The new animated feature from Dreamworks isn’t slated to hit theaters until next Friday, November 4, but some questions surrounding the premise and background of the film are still in question. Though it would be totally unprofessional to give every little detail of a film’s plot away before it even debuts in theaters, there’s still one question in particular that could be answered without revealing too much – or any – of the film’s colorful premise: the origins of the film’s spritely main characters.

Where did they come from? Were they all completely original creations? Or did they, like so many other adaptable properties, stem mostly from their source material? Let’s take a close look, break down each character, and find out.
Voice Actor: Anna Kendrick
Poppy is the lively, optimistic princess of the trolls, basically irrepressibly happy all the time. She, along with Justin Timberlake’s Branch, set out to free her village’s Trolls from the villainous Bergens. Much like Kendrick herself, Poppy is described as plucky, intelligent, and all-around adorable.
Voice Actor: Justin Timberlake
Branch is described as the polar opposite to Anna Kendrick’s Princess Poppy. He’s paranoid, disgruntled, and seriously sarcastic. With great reluctance, he agrees to accompany Poppy to the village of the Bergens to rescue the great many Trolls who were captured.

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Voice Actor: Zooey Deschanel

New Girl actress Zooey Deschanel takes on the role of Bridget, a kind-hearted Bergen who’s also scullery maid to the head Bergen chef. She’s among one of the first Bergens that Poppy and Branch come into contact with her and strike a deal with her in exchange for something they both need.
Voice Actor: Russell Brand
Creek is one of Poppy’s friends, a Troll of seemingly infinite wisdom and happiness. He is among the many trolls who are taken by the Bergens after Poppy ignores Branch’s warning. Initially thought of as a supporting character, Creek plays a major role in the film’s overall story.

Voice Actor: Christine Baranski
This particular Bergen has quite the sordid history with the Trolls. Without diving too deep into spoiler territory, it basically leads to her becoming a pariah of her community that’s only redeemable by capturing a bunch of Trolls for Bergen consumption. She’s the most wicked of the wicked Bergens and she will stop at nothing to take vengeance on those who wronged her, namely the Trolls.

Are Any Of These Characters Based On Toys?
As it turns out, that’s a definite no. Speaking as a kid who owned and had siblings who owned their fair share of Trolls dolls, I can honestly tell you I don’t remember a single one of them coming with a name or look that wasn’t any more or less generic than any of the others.

This is a good thing, though. By using only minimal amounts of inspiration from the original toys, Dreamworks was able to create a beautiful world with adorable and instantly iconic and lovable characters that will transition much easier into a new line of toys for the home company. Let’s be honest, the original Trolls – though cute-ish – were also kind of terrifying.

However, for the fans of the originals, the new Trolls do resemble their previous incarnations enough so that it pays respect to and honors the iconic toys that came before.

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