How to Make a Custom Mascot Costume

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Designing a Mascot Costume can be a little tricky at times, even when you don’t know where to start! Just follow these steps and you will have your mascot in no time!




Start a basic sketch of what your mascot will look like. If you’re making your first ever mascot, just stick to a simple animal like a dog or a cat. If you would like to make more complex costumes, try creating some of these…

  • Alligator
  • 002
  • dolphin
  • 003
  • elephant
  • 004
  • kangaroo
  • 005
  • ADD
  • 006
  • 2,Use a bicycle helmet as your mold and slowly layer paper mache over it. The paste is made of …
    1 Elmer’s glue bottle
  • 007
  • 1 Gallon of water
  • 008
  • 12 cups of flower
  • 009
  • 110
  • 3

    Let the paste dry for 6 1/2 hours.

  • 111
  • 4

    Apply paint to circular head, leave spots for eyes and mouth hole.

  • 112
  • 5

    Cut mouth hole out of middle and place a cut up stocking there, this will give room to see and breath from the inside.

  • 113
  • 6

    Glue felt eyes on the figure with crazy glue, if you are making a certain animal, now would be the time to glue the other facial body parts on.

  • 114
  • 7

    Purchase or use a long sleeve shirt and pants that matches the color of the mascots face. Also where gloves and long boots.

  • 115
  • 8

    Crazy glue felt paws on the boots and place the pants over the boots. Put on the shirt and tuck the long gloves into the shirt. Finally, place the mask on the persons head.

  • 116
  • 9

    You have finished your basic mascot!

Mascot is Best Used for A New Symbol

For the most part many different colleges and schools will make sure that they’ve got a mascot who is going to represent them properly and in this spirit mascot costumes are going to be needed. Sometimes a new symbol will also be required and this can often mean that there will be a need to get a designer in, or try and draw some inspiration from those that attend the institution.such as Donald Duck Daisy Costumes.

Mascot costume makes you vivid and the material is quite comfortable. This costume comes with a plush jumpsuit with hands and feet the attached head, and zipper on the back. The head is shaped by special foam all covered with plush. The sole of the feet part is made of water-proof, skip-proof durable materials. The wearer could wear in with bare feet or with his own shoes.
In comparison to a single piece costume, a detachable costume that has separate head, gloves, body and shoes is way better. Detachable parts help in cleaning the dirty ones apart from better circulation of air, and for the wearer who likes to take the gloves or head off every now and then convenience is offered. If they have paperboard heads which are not easily breathable you must check the costumes. Carved out of lightweight material or made from a mold, make sure you purchase a quality mascot head. Personalized for you by crafting the name of your team or brand on it you can also purchase a mascot costume.
If you want to purchase a mascot costume, you can search the Internet and find companies that offer a variety of costumes for the most adored bear mascots that are made of good quality fabric.

The Secret of Mascot Costume and How to Build Your Own Style

The secret of coming up with a very interesting and unique mascot is involving many people through a brainstorm session where a lot of ideas can be put to the table. Many ideas generate something solid to work on or you can hold a contest where contestants can draw a mascot for you and in turn they get rewarded.I would like to recommend you the most popular Disney Frozen Olaf Snowman Mascot Costume and Dottie Doc Mcstuffins Mascot Costume.The Secret of Mascot Costume and How to Build Your Own Style
Mascot costumes were used to be quite expensive few years later, which made it possible to be employed only by large business group of profitable sporting teams to buy them. However, things are the same today as several varieties of mascot costumes are available that are also of high quality, which makes them the perfect choice for businesses and schools. Having a costume, which a person can put on to do the role of an icon for any business and school can surely serve a great deal of purposes and also act as a huge investment for both of them.
Many costumes come as a jumpsuit with a zipper on the back. Most of the time the head, hands and feet are separate. Most of these costumes have the head covered by special foam from the inside. While selecting your costume, just ensure that the sole of the feet is made of durable material, which is water-proof and skip-proof.
While purchasing mascot costumes online, you are highly suggested to focus on every part. These items are divided into four parts, including head, body, shoes and gloves. As for the head, you need to know which fabric it is crafted from. Certainly you will never want to put on an uncomfortable head. As for the body, can you choose the size according to your own measurement? Are shoes slip and water proof? Can you receive gloves together?

Halloween Party Need Mascot Men

A good mascot dances around the field wearing creative costumes to the delight of the onlookers and always enjoys entertaining them. Schools generally have an animal figure as the mascot, which is represented by the various athletic teams of the school. A selected student wears the Mascot costume on the day of the school championships, homecoming, pep rallies and other special events of the school. Many organizations have also started to use a mascot to creatively brand themselves in the market. A mascot costume should be easily identifiable for onlookers to exactly understand what the mascot is representing. It can sometimes, be extremely difficult to decide the costume for your mascot.such as Olaf mascot costume and Minions mascot costume.
Keep in mind these tips when you are wearing mascot costumes. Choosing a mascot costume is important but these are the required touches in order to become the character you are dressed in. Over the past years,mascot costumes have been used by professional teams and school teams for representation. Many organizations have embraced it as a brand and are using it in the market place.
There is no need to spend plenty of cash on a mascot costume. Why do so when you can buy it at an affordable cost? It is time to look into the quality and other details. Set your priorities and determine your budget. Note that you can always make it your own way. Why not take a visit to, they are now launching Halloween promotion, best price for mascot costumes in the whole year!
The author of this article is associated with, a well-known website providing mascot costumes that are pure fun and extremely popular with their customers across the U.S. has a great and wide variety of costumes available that are made in the USA. There are thousands of professional mascot outfits and character costumes to choose from. Visit

Mark Your Business with Lovely Mascot Costumes

Mascot costumes have been in use since a very long period of time. These costumes are used by businesses as well as schools and colleges for representing their icon. An extensive range of mascot costumes is available these days. And moreover, these dresses fit into the pocket of buyers.Mark Your Business with Lovely Mascot Costumes
When it comes to marketing of a business, character costumes are certainly one of the perfect tools. If your company do attends any special marketing occurrences or participate in any trade shows, then you will definitely stand out from the crowd with the help of these mascots to represent your company. Getting a kind of outfit that fits with the overall theme of your business venture and does not appear out of the place would be the ideal choice. Children of all ages love animals costume and other cartoon characters and will pull their parent’s hand to reach to your exhibit to take a photo with your company. This will provide you with the opportunity of getting ahead of your competitors and placing your product and services to the topmost place by increasing your sales.such as Olaf mascot costume and Anna Mascot costume.
Mascot outfits have plenty of benefits to promote a particular merchandise, function or even idea. There are lots of outfits will almost always be perfect for forms of amusements but only a pet is capable of doing the promoting process. Mascots in many cases are found in numerous occasions or even instances while they appeal to individuals of every age group.An adorable as well as amusing pet is so impressive and also everybody might obtain handled. Thus, a right mascot outfit is the best wager for a present to advertise, a significant function to grab attentions, a newly established organization to get nearer to the folks.

Kids Are the Very First Person Captivated by Mascot Costumes

Remember the fact that, most probably, you will wear the mascot costume in public so, it is important for you to have an aide with you when wearing the costume. Whether this person will be an alternate wearer of themascot costume or will be someone who will attend to your logistical needs, it is almost indispensable to have someone near you.
First persons who will be captivated by you will be the kids. Because small children can be easily spooked and frightened if you make fast and unexpected movements, you have to pay attention never to do sudden, fast movements around young children.such as Minnie Mouse mascot costume and Mickey Mouse mascot costume.
In order to relieve excess heat stress, neck wraps, vests and wrist coolers which are specially manufactured for this purpose. The both sides of the vest have adjustable hooks & loop straps. Such as detachable suspenders & elastics which are one size fit all. The vests also include cold packs that are placed in insulated pockets on the back and front sides. They are re-usable, non-flammable and non-toxic as well.
Most custom made mascot costumes have a good cooling on system on the inside. This is to prevent too much humidity on the inside. If you purchase one that has no cooling system designed into it, buy a cooling vest or an inbuilt fan which are uniquely designed for a mascot. These can greatly reduce the heat being generated.
As far as sizes are concerned, try to stay clear of mascot costumes that are developed of paperboard heads. The best quality models are developed out of unique poly foam, this is lightweight, easy to maneuver and of course, breathable.

Mascot Costume Enlarge Halloween Spirit All Over the World

Mascots are accepted whenever, wherever they are and they consistently allure all the humans casual by. So abounding merchants use mascots as business accoutrement and in fact,they are absolutely able and advantageous business tools.Mascot Costume Enlarge Halloween Spirit All Over the World
You will find Halloween mascot costume of all sorts available on the market however creatures inspired photos will be the mainly employed for campaigns. The key reason for this can be an animal is obviously related to certain suggestions.And now gnawer pet is probably the popular pet designed costumes. In case you are thinking about promoting a fresh show for the kids, any squirrel costume is a good choice.Little girls and guys constantly love such sweet as well as kinky animals, actually. Additionally, gnawer pets are usually perfect to advertise natural as well as environment-friendly products, tasty foods or some meals along together using crazy.A range of options regarding rodent Halloween mascot costume mascot costume outfits used for marketing are secured.
If you are not in search for a unique mascot you can always find dozens of different types of mascot costumes for sale on the web. Mascots can be of animals be it a lion, a bird, a reptile or anything that will represent and brand whatever you want.
Most of the time, mascot costumes are large-sized. You can wear the shoes with your own shoes inside or barefoot. Make sure the item you plan to buy is worthy every penny, nothing can help you more than reading comments from earlier customers. is a leading supplier of intriguing mascot costume and mascot costumes. We provide fabulous mascot costumes at inexpensive prices. Take a look! Here Hello Kitty costume for men and honey bee mascot costume are highly recommended.

Halloween Horror Nights 2014 mixes classic chaos with new blood as Universal Orlando previews haunted houses, scare zones

Last night Universal Orlando held its annual press preview of Halloween Horror Nights, unveiling costumes, makeup, masks, set pieces, and even one of their eight new full haunted house experiences.


Taking place in one of the many sound stages at Universal Studios Florida, the Halloween Horror Nights 24 media preview began with an introduction from Entertainment Director Mike Aiello, as passionate as ever, discussing all of this year’s haunted houses and scare zones. That’s right, traditional scare zones are back and their design team is just as excited about it as every fan of the event.

Throughout the evening, Aiello, along with show directors Charles Gray and Lora Wallace, made even the least interesting experiences sound fantastic amidst an entertainment line-up that features three original concept mazes with five based on intellectual properties – movies and TV shows.

The videos below offer up-close looks at the costumes and artwork displayed at the event, including interviews with these talented folks that are bringing it to life.

A few noteworthy highlights learned from the preview:

“Halloween” is indeed based on the original John Carpenter film with careful attention paid to recreating the feeling of the horror classic, down to careful use of its familiar musical score throughout. Fans of the franchise will recognize elements from a few of its sequels as well, such as the trick-or-treaters from “Halloween 3.”
“The Walking Dead: End of the Line” is said to be twice as big as any haunted house Universal Orlando has ever created. What does that mean? One scene will feature 14 zombies (sorry, “walkers”) attacking at once. Fourteen. And this year prosthetics will be used to make the walkers even more, well, lifelike.
“From Dusk Till Dawn” is largely inspired by the new El Rey network TV show, but there will definitely be several elements directly lifted from the popular film as well, for its fans. And the costumes for “The Twister” night club will be as skimpy as one can imagine – for a theme park experience.
“Alien vs Predator” was developed in partnership with Fox, who encouraged Universal to create their own story rather than base it on an existing one. Set in a Weyland Corp location, this maze will feature many appearances by both Aliens and Predators. All of the Aliens will be brought to life using puppeteering skills learned from the “An American Werewolf in London” maze last year.
“Dracula Untold” is this year’s “Gothic” haunted house, set inside a beautiful castle and featuring vampires depicted in a very different way than “From Dusk Till Dawn” to ensure variety.
Despite its evil clown theme, “Giggles & Gore Inc” will not feature Horror Nights’ famous icon Jack the Clown, though Jack may still make a return appearance in a future year – possibly as early as 2015. But this maze will be no laughing matter, a much darker look at evil clowns that definitely did not warrant a 3D maze.
“Roanoke Cannibal Colony” is considered to be a history-based house along the lines of “Nightingales” a few years ago, making everyone wonder what they would do if left abandoned with no food for weeks at a time. Universal says cannibalism is an eventual necessity in that situation.
“Dollhouse of the Damned” will be a “classic” Halloween Horror Nights experience, so creepy and detailed that Universal says fans will want to return again and again.
Each evening of Halloween Horror Nights 24 will kick off with the commencement of “The Purge”, ensuing chaos across the entire New York area, from Twister to Transformers and everything in between. It will be difficult to determine who’s a victim and who’s a guest in this killer scare zone. There will be the bread truck and motorcycles from “The Purge: Anarchy” as well as occasional victim auctions in the streets.
“Face Off: In the Flesh” will use its rotating cast of 10 familiar characters from the Syfy TV series as distractions for the scare zone’s real scares. Guests will be mesmerized by the artistry of not only the characters but also the elaborate vignettes surrounding them, not realizing they’re about to be scared silly. Many of Face Off’s stars work at Universal Orlando, including Laura Tyler, Eric Garcia, and Doc O’Connell.
“Bayou of Blood” will consume the Central Park area of the theme park, filling its trees with glowing jars similar to the flickering pumpkin paths of the past. As the Voodoo Queen emerges from her hut, she summons dark magic that will cause these jars to shine and darken, all while conducting hourly victim sacrifices.
“MASKerade: Unstitched” will be a mashup of beauty and horror as an elaborate costume ball unfolds in the middle of the theme park, complete with chandelier overhead. But these party guests are perturbed, suddenly ripping off their skin when guests get too close.
We’ll have a closer look at the gory details of Halloween Horror Nights 24 soon on Outside the Magic along with a complete walkthrough description of the “Halloween” haunted house.

Halloween Horror Nights begins September 19 at Universal Orlando.


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