How to make a Despicable Me minion costume


Nothing was a bigger box office hit this winter than Despicable Me and its gang of misfit minions. Want to keep in touch with this motley crew past the big screen? This Christmas you can assemble the minions and be the life of the party for just $20 dollars!


What you’ll need:
Yellow T-shirt ($3)
Denim shorts or pants
Black suspenders ($6)
Black gloves ($5)
Black headband ($3)
Plastic foam cups ($1)
Pins ($2)
Black and silver markers


You can create your own minion costumes logo by simply searching images on Google. Once you have the logo sized to perfection, you can print it on your iron-on transfer paper. When ironing on your logo, make sure to have the iron set on the highest cotton setting, and hold it on the paper for two to three minutes.
Start with your black headband, plastic foam cups, pins, and silver and black markers. Cut the cups about 1 inch to 1-1/2 inches from the bottom all the way around the cup.
Next, color both the outside and the inside of the cup silver to resemble the metal of the minion‘s goggles. Be sure to leave what used to be the inside bottom of the cup white for the minion’s eyes.
Then, take a black marker and draw a black circle in the center of the white surface to resemble the pupil of the minion’s eye. Take your pin and put it through both the center of the black circle you just created and through a part of the black headband.
Fasten the pin from behind. Some minions have two eyes, others only have one. The choice is yours!
Your safest bet to best resemble a mischievous minion is to find a pair of old-fashioned overalls. However, we know how rare it is that you held onto those bad boys circa your ’90s days. To give the illusion of an overall-type outfit, we recommend pairing your favorite set of denim shorts or skinny jeans with black suspenders, which can be found at Party City, Hot Topic, Target or Sears.
Throw your gloves on, which can also found at Party City or Target, to complete your minion look. Pair the outfit with some high-top, combat-style boots if you have them, or a classic pair of sneakers!

Minions costumesminions1

What kind of Christmas costume really attract women?


Q: I’ve been invited to a Christmas costume party that will be babe central. I don’t want to dress up as some lame monster — I want to look cool. What kind of costumes really attract women?

A: It’s always easy to look hot in a costume as long as you have the confidence to own the character you’re projecting.

I’ve worked on films where the actors wore ridiculous outfits but buried themselves so deep into their role, they not only pulled it off, but looked sexy as hell doing it. Confidence is seductive, no matter how you dress it up. If you have a presence and you believe in yourself, it will be hot … even if you’re dressed as an Eskimo.

christmas costumes
At the moment, nothing is hotter than the undead. From True Blood Twilight, vampires are getting women’s blood rushing all over the country — and it can be a very cool look for a guy. It’s just the right combination of scary and sexy. Just get a nice tailored pair of black pants — leather would be especially scandalous. Put on a white button-front shirt of very sheer or luxurious cotton fabrics with collars, worn open and tucked into the pants. Add an interesting, exotic and expensive-looking necklace (from a thrift store) that looks real enough to be 50 Cent-worthy. Slick back your hair to look particularly refined, and add a cape or a long jacket to embellish the look of exotic opulence.
Now that you’ve gone all Stephen Moyer with your threads, it’s time to add a dash of horror with a little makeup and some spooky accoutrements. Pick up a pair of fangs from any costume store. (Just make sure they’re the kind that make you look edible to women and not like Jerry Lewis in The Nutty Professor.) Then buy a little fake blood from any costume store and drip it from the corners of your eyes or mouth to let people know you mean business. Put a little eyeliner around your eyes and some dark eye shadow below them, and you’ll bore holes through all the beauties in the room. Then make your face pale with some light powder makeup, and you’ll be the hottest dead dude at the party.
Congratulations! You’re frighteningly irresistible! You won’t need a stake to pierce anyone’s heart; just make sure to get home before the sun comes up.

How to Wear a Mascot Costume?


School mascots can rev up the crowd at any sporting event. Business mascots can generate immediate, inexpensive publicity beyond traditional advertising venues. Mascots draw attention and create excitement among almost any crowd. If you wear a mascot costume for a business or sporting event, you’re sure to get a great deal of attention. Make sure you do it safely.

Dress sparingly and for hot conditions. Mascot costumes, particularly those with full headgear, are very hot and sticky. Unless you’ll be outside in extremely cold weather, wear comfortable, loose fitting shorts with a tank top underneath.Hydrate yourself with water and snack on a few pretzels or potato chips before the event, especially in warm temperatures. Sweat causes you to lose water and sodium, which contributes to uncomfortable leg cramps and can make you feel faint. The salt provided by the snack infuses additional sodium into your system, and the water keeps dehydration at bay.

Yo Gaba Gaba Costumes

Create a personal cooling system using two water bottles and plastic tubing. Chill the water bottles, then remove the caps. Drill a small hole in each cap. Remove the plastic shavings and replace the caps. Strap each bottle to a sock-protected ankle using Velcro straps. Insert one end of the tubing into the bottles and run the other end up to the neckline of the costume. Secure with safety pins. Sip cold water through the tubing to provide necessary hydration and cooling relief inside the mascot costume.

Move cautiously at all times. Mascot headgear limits your visibility; a child can be standing at your feet and out of your field of vision.

Stay in character while wearing your mascot costume. Move and act accordingly.

Portray a friendly attitude at all times. The mascot is an icon, and poor behavior by the wearer can reflect negatively on the sports team or business it represents. Wave to passersby, and offer a handshake to anyone who comes close to you.Occasionally a child will run up and hug you. If this happens, reach down and gently pat the child on the shoulder or the head for a few seconds, and then let go. Giving the child a big hug back might be seen as inappropriate and reflect poorly on those you represent.

Thanks for reading!

Marketing With Your Mascot


Mascot Costume Mania- Mascots Create Customer Interaction
People are naturally drawn to visual images and mascot characters become your organization’s visual billboard. Mascots create instant engagement through the ability to interact on a personal level. As a mascot’s personality is developed people feel they come to know a character. Signature moves or dances may become part of a mascot’s personality a simple Once your brand image is created sustaining it and building it becomes the next important step.

Marketing with your mascot
TIPS to successful marketing with your mascot costume:
Promote your brand through product association
A mascot has the ability to go beyond the realm of just physical interaction with individuals. A mascot can extend your brand through simple product association. Some suggested ways to accomplish product association are through the creation of a cartoon / coloring contest sheets, on-line game(s), naming of the mascot contest, or even toys. Although not all of these suggestions may be possible you can see there are many ways to embed your mascot in the mind of consumers. The more activities planned around your mascot the more continuous and consistent exposure the consumer will have. Including your mascot in marketing pieces and packaging is another way of reinforcing your brand with the consumer. Brand association is an essential part of marketing. These are just a few suggestions to naturally elevate the customer engagement to a new level.
Sustaining or Revitalizing Brands
Bring back the old in a whole new way! Today we are offered so many different channels to promote our products. A mascot can be used as a catalyst to bring back a tired perception of a brand by bringing new life to a product or organization. Digital media of all kinds can be used to enhance and share the story of your mascot and provide additional ways for your consumers to connect with your brand. Create a Facebook page, a YouTube channel; give your mascot his/her own voice and provide a more personal way for consumers to relate with your brand.
Create Memories
Take your mascot outside the organization. Get your mascot involved in the community, walk in the parades, visit schools, initiate local mascot events. When you create a visual and interacting mascot you increase the ability for a customer, or potential customer, to recall your brand. Mascots create memories that stay with individuals over time. Mascots have a natural ability to create excitement, positive energy and fun. Mascots put smiles on people’s faces of all ages. Start creating memories with your mascot costume today. Who doesn’t enjoy a good laugh with a mascot?



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